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    Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery coupon sale at Amazon

    which is not as big of a problem as many claim to be. Really depends where you live and how long it gets cold in your neck of the woods. Modern lithium battery electrolytes don't freeze at 0 Celsius, they slowly start building the process around -5 -10C and even at that temperatures you can...
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    48V 200AH Battery

    112kg, shipping alone costs more then half of the price. Further the 200ah version has weird dimensions, which is NOT a rack size and not in the pictures. Without shipping cost these days, a battery price tells you almost nothing. I only care about the Full price delivered to my door step...
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    Alternator to battery wires

    You were asking about a 15m cable so I assumed that your vehicle is 10m long or so. Nothing where I would have thought space is at a premium. I built a off-road camper van and had all wiring inside, with only 6m long. Now I got 7m box RV and I got so much space where I can not seem to know...
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    Growatt SPF trips GFCI occasionally.

    I got the jumper installed - and plugged it in - didn't trip in the short term, neither in charging or bypass mode. But that took usually a few hours to happen anyhow. I never had a instant trip. Since it is weekend, I installed a new GFCI breaker for my exterior outlets - now the RV is...
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    Alternator to battery wires

    here a picture of my mental image. You by not using the frame - you are potentially creating a secondary path- through a grounding inverter/or charger. Because the wire has the lower resistance then the frame.
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    Alternator to battery wires

    Why on the frame and not inside the living box? Inside the frame rails is usually pretty good protected. I had a few projects - with just adding a few ground straps to the engine and using the frame as a return, without any issues. And I already hear all the comments of multiple groundpaths...
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    Chins 24V 200AH 200A

    Imported 6.3kwh from the grid to recharge the battery. That includes the charger inefficiency and the self consumption over the 5hrs from the RV and Charger. Which are usually around 60w per hour. So roughly 300wh are not going towards charging Meaning about 6kwh to recharge 5.2kwh about 86%...
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    Chins 24V 200AH 200A

    Looking good :) 5.1kwh output before it shut down. So the rated capacity is 5120wh. I've got my inverter shut off set at 22.0V - the battery BMS shuts down at 21.6V so there would be probably still be another AH or two in there. Further the Growatt only measures the output power - so it is...
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    Chins 24V 200AH 200A

    Took 2.9kwh from the grid to charge the battery to full from what it arrived from the warehouse.
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    Chins or ENJOYBOT battery Here it goes.
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    Chins 24V 200AH 200A

    I bought it Started testing with my 3000w Growatt. Charging with 50A then unplugging the RV and discharge later with 20A
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    Chins or ENJOYBOT battery

    had two long days at work. Will install in in my RV probably tomorrow and see how it performs. But will post probably the full results at a different subforum and just link here. To keep the threat clean for ordering related. Great communication throughout the process.
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    Higher voltage PV solar panels safety precautions

    Do not touch open ends of wires with the panels hooked up. When you follow a simple order of operations: Connect cable to the MPPT first and then click the MC4 connectors together, there is usually no harm to you to be expected. Below 60V your skin is a good barrier in case you accidental touch...
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    Fuse holder nut was glowing RED!

    Sorry was not my intend to offend anyone. My apologies. was the first reference google populated - I didn't do a reference check. I got a sensor welding station which goes down even further.
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    Destroyed $4K of alternator & regulator with a good Fuse

    almost sounds you need a dump load with a voltage activated solid state thing which activates a few volt above normal operating conditions. Or put a lead battery in parallel which doesn't have the issue. It can be tiny 8ah AGM batteries in series. Just something to take the surge. Lead is...