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  • I was hoping you could help as you seem to be the go-to battery expert. I’m in MARFA TX and my 12v280ah Electrodacus system is failing due to a bad cell 1 (likely mechanical connection). Do you know where I could get new or used cells or assembled pack? Thanks
    Will be in Tucson next 1-2 weeks then Salt Lake City. Since it is a road trip getting in an RV with the family getting it fixed is the top priority.
    Hello I am new to this forum and hope I am not breaking any newbie rules ... I am seeking some assistance in confirming the assistance of a solar company called rosen solar in china they sent me a quote and I am interested however there are some concerns ... I have read you have established connection in china and I am hoping you can assist or provide me with the details of a verfied solar company
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    I am unfamiliar with ROSEN ... there are literally 1000's of solar companies operating out of China ... There are 5 main compnaies and then they have five subs that have 5 subs etc etc ... What are you looking at purchasing from them??
    Thank you for responding to my post and I am looking at purchasing a complete16kw hybrid solar system plus a 10kw power wall ... I am living in the caribbean so the main should all be UL rated
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    Iive had contact with Rosen Solar and bought hybrid Inverter and solar panels from them, very nice and smooth procedure and goods where as described.
    Nikki is answering my emails (via CHAT) , but she is absolutely lost. I have sent her every possible angle including your price, watts, amps, etc, but she doesn't seem to get it. On one response she thought i was Sammy Smith! I will start over as you suggested. Waiting for a response from someone who bought the same cell pack. thx tim
    Is there anyway you can contact Nikki, she is at work now... and available online. I'm losing my mind trying to get her to tell what cell package you suggested. I don't know what else to do... thanks, Tim
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