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  • Will's Review of Chins "Solid State?" Battery (Ganfeng LiEnergy Cell)

    Just watched the review video here. For obvious reason, I think the discussion of the video belongs in this section. I checked out the Ganfeng cell data sheet, and noticed that in their safety testing, there is no puncture test nor any guarantee that it can be punctured and not combust. It...
  • Energus Tiny BMS - User Experiences?

    I'm trying to find anyone who can relate their experience in using any of the "Tiny BMS" products from Energus Power Solutions. I've searched through the forums without much success. Searching 'Tiny' and 'BMS' gets a bunch of posts on unrelated subjects. I did find forum members such as...
  • How to evaluate merchants on Alibaba or Aliexpress

    I've been getting pieces and parts together to put a modest solar power system together in a few months, mostly using U.S. based suppliers and purchasing off ebay and through the affiliate links. All of this is pretty familiar territory, but it appears that the battery and bms components will...