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  • Well Michael you seem like a really stand up guy. I just moved over here to take a look at your profile and see how many people you're helping. Also in addition to what I spoke to you in the other thread about advice for my batteries and how to wire them. I'll also be connecting a 38 seer mini split innovair. Hopefully that's going to do the trick for me because I'm retiring into full-time travel.
    I'll be 62 this month. So I guess traditionally it's time I retired. 😎
    I received your message, thanks. But I have a doubt and that is that I have a 12 volt AH 200 battery and your message says 48 volt n=battery. Is the the sum of my fort row of batteries (I have got 2 row each with 4 12 volt batteries ).
    Thank you for your reply. I have heard good things about the Schneider unit.

    What charge controller are you using with it? Are you using any monitoring with it? If so what seems to work well for you.

    Thanks again
    I use Midnight's 200V model. I'm very happy with them.
    Thanks for the help,MichaelK ,You helped me understand better!! My only concern is each connection is rated 10 amps with a 12 amp fuse. Should I be concerned
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