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  • I got a quick question. I want redundancy over loss. In Schematic 1 is version 1 or 2 better for pwm? I would love to use pwm because i can buy a lot of backup pwms for cheap problem is getting enough volts/amps with the least loss.
    The shunts in all schematics may be wrong. The battery switcher in schematic #4 may be wrong. I like diagram one because if a pwm controller goes bad it will only take out 1/5 of the system. Or would there be a cascade failure affection other components?
    The short answer is that i am not an expert in regards to which is “better”.
    The multiple pwm scheme looks like a single failure is isolated.

    But with as large as your system is drawn up, i think the efficiencies of larger mppt SCC’s will produce a lot more power. A lot fewer pieces to mess with too.

    Throw it out to the group for feedback.
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