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  • Post in thread: Who Knew you can cut solar panels?

    Someone was having fun with Photoshop for this ad.
  • Post in thread: My Beginner Suggestion

    The group here is a wealth of knowledge but they need accurate input from you. More information is better then less. 1. PLEASE post a picture of the label or data on your solar panel. In a lot of cases saying you have a 300 watt 12v panel is not enough information. 2. Again a picture of your...
  • Post in thread: Solar Panel snow removal made easy

    For those that live in places like me that gets snow, I thought I would share how I clean the snow off of mine. Buy yourself a Snow Brum( link posted below) . Take the handle comes off and it has the same thread as a paint roller so I just attached mine to an telescoping paint roller pole you...
  • Post in thread: Solar Panel snow removal made easy

    Easy meaning I can tap the panel or using my snowbrum it pulls off pretty easy. I am retired so I am here and if they get covered I clean them off. The best way to keep a panel clean in my experience is mounting them on a wall under and over hang. Forget about output losses because of the angle...
  • Post in thread: GROWATT 3K Inverters not using PV Input in bright sun

    Lets back the train up a min. 2s16p configuration 32 x 260 watts = 8,320 watts 2s configuration 31.1 volts x 2 = 62.2 volts 16p configuration 8.4 amps x 16 panels = 134.4 amps If you are talking about a Growatt 3k 24v all in one, that unit is rated for max PV input of 2000 watts. If you...
  • Post in thread: Any good experiences with wind?

    Before you invest in wind power invest in a good weather station and monitor the wind at your place for several months. I run an Ambient Weather unit which I am more then happy with. My station upload to their server and as do several others in my area. Use the link below and see if anyone had...
  • Post in thread: Solar panels at 90 degree angles

    I put these up a few weeks ago as a test so I don't know about the snow thing but when we do get snow coverage I will monitor the output and post results. Now I tried to keep it simple so both panels are fasted to two pieces of Kindorf/Unistrut. I made a wall mount out of 2x6 pressure treated I...
  • Post in thread: Radiant in floor heating system

    Once you have radiant floor heat, nothing else will do. I have it in my house and new garage.
  • Post in thread: What a difference a month makes.

    I built the panel racks and ran all the wiring at the end of Sept 2022. I got the system running the beginning of Oct 2022. 8 Axitec 290 watt panels, 6 Canadian Solar 340 watt panels, 2 Growatt 24V SPF 3000TL LVM - 3kW . Yes they are over paneled. It didn't take long to figure out that I needed...
  • Post in thread: Solar panels at 90 degree angles

    You have to pick and choose your battles. I live in a high snow area so I have them at 70 deg off horizontal right now for ease of cleaning. Mine are adjustable and I found that I loose approx 8-10% output of I am off 35 degs from perfect. But I will tell you the colder air temps help with...
  • Post in thread: Solar Panel snow removal made easy

    Next snow I will take a pic of all my panels. The vertical one on the wall is under a 18" overhang and stays almost snow free. If you have a cabin and your not there all the time I highly recommend that mounting arrangement.
  • Post in thread: Having Flow Waterjet access Priceless

    Although I am retired I get called in for special projects from time to time so while I was in the shop I decided to cut some stuff for my solar project. I had access to 1/8" brass so 10 mins to draw it up and 11 mins of cut time and I have spare buss bars. While I was at it I drew up some...
  • Post in thread: Lets try this replaced my dc batteries.

    I have had 2 remote solar power webcam units running for 6 years. Both have a 175 w panel, one has a Rich solar and one a Renogy charge controller. Max draw with webcam at night running IR is about 15 watts. Both units run 24 volts systems and I think the controllers cut off at 23.6 volts. I...
  • Post in thread: Thermal Energy Storage

    I have and tested a mini version of what you are talking about I call my solar load dump heater. On the floor in my basement which is spray foamed floor to ceiling I have a water filled a 55 gal plastic drum on it's side that I fitted with a 1400 watt 120v RV water heater element. If we get...
  • Post in thread: Clamping Pressure

    Let me spit ball for a min. I have a degree mechanical engineering. If you give me the length, width of the battery and psi your looking for I can calculate the load you need to apply. From there I need the diameter of the threaded rod and pitch of the screw you will be using to calculate the...
  • Post in thread: I jumped in head first

    I suggest you double check the voltage and amperage with a Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter. .Check both the PV and battery and compare to the the unit numbers. That might help you understand if the calibration is off or a software glitch.
  • Post in thread: Do fuses work at all?

    I have seen way too many crimps done with the wrong crimp tool, over crimped to the point where it cuts some wires, or under crimped to where is will not stay on long term. That being said, with the broad range of users on here and from what I have experienced in the field, I stick to how I do...
  • Post in thread: So sad to see the days getting shorter...

    I pulled 2 out of storage and changed my configuration from 3S2P to 2S4P. I will mount the 2 on the lower left this weekend but that are hooked up and running. Now I am out of space.
  • Post in thread: Suggestion on charging battery through solar

    My suggestion, buy a good MPPT controller and program it to voltages you need to correctly charge the batteries your using. After seeing a lithium battery catch on fire after being charged wrong I say NOT DO take short cuts.
  • Post in thread: Electricity Rate Increase.

  • Post in thread: AliExpress, Morecell Battery Store 310 ah unboxing

    I connected all the cells in parallel and top balanced them. My power supply said 3.65 volts my multimeter says 3.63 volts. What started out as a 1mm buldge per side increases to 2.5 mm per side when fully charged. The load test was started with the cell voltage at 3.63 volts and shut off when...
  • Post in thread: How many watts is my solar panel producing

    Multiply V times A and that will give you panel watt output minus the charge controller efficiency.
  • Post in thread: 48v big battery fuse

    If it was me, I would like to know the cause of the blown 300 amp fuse before I just replace it with someting bigger.
  • Post in thread: LifePo4 Short circuit SPARKS !!!!!

    I don't know about a 96v system but I do know on my 12v system it requires a PV of 17v and on my 24 system it requires a PV of 36. IMO, if your PV is only 102v your not going to charge to 102.
  • Post in thread: How to wire a house with an extension cord guts?

    You can feed a 110 vac breaker box from the inverter. 12ga will handle 20 amps but I would use 10 ga to give you a safety factor plus that will allow for the inverter some distance away. The only other thing I would recommend is you pound a ground rod into the ground and connect it to your...
  • Post in thread: Growatt 6KW inverters and over paneling

    Ok now I understand my confusion so let me try solar math again: VOC 53.61 x 4 panels in series = 214.44 volts Vmp 44.81 x 4 panels in series = 179.24 volts Imp 10.71 x 3 series sets in parallel = 32.12 amps 480 watts x 12 panels = 5,760 watts Always go with the highest voltage as that yield the...
  • Post in thread: Is My Battery Toast?

    Panels in Parallel configuration, the voltage does not add together just the current does. Adding or taking away panels of the same brand and wattage will not change the output voltage. Please post a pic of the lable on your panel and what brand/model SCC are you running?
  • Post in thread: How do i add 2 batteries to existing setup

    1st Is the present charge controller and or inverter set up for 12v or 24v? The picture shows 2s3P config which is 12v 2nd PLEASE buy or make some real jumpers for the battery cables. The skinny wire you have on there will cause a fire if you start pulling any kind of load. 3rd Do yourself a...
  • Post in thread: Overkill BMS lead not fitting Lynx Distributor

    Put these in your solar tool kit so you can change lugs as needed.
  • Post in thread: wire ferrels.

    I use the kit below where I can. Makes for a much cleaner job.
  • Post in thread: RV 12v water pump noise and seperation

    High power car stereo will make the lights flicker also because of the way they pull power. The fix is a capacitor as close to the amp as possible. You can use a capacitor the same way with your water pump. This is a common MSD 8830 capacitor I use all the time when setting up a race car...
  • Post in thread: What wire size to connect to a 5/8" copper ground rod?

    I think you will find most house wiring used 6 awg copper from the panel box to earth ground rod.
  • Post in thread: Solar controller max watts

    1. Please post a picture of the label on the panel as that would be a big help. 2. If you have more then 1 350w panel I would suggest you step up to a MPPT higher amperage charge controller.
  • Post in thread: The Sun Moves in winter, who knew

    The V in the middle of the red line is the result of a Pine Tree on one of my arrays. I feel your pain..
  • Post in thread: Catl 302 AH from Docan

    I have 2 310ah 24v LifePO4 battery banks w/Overkill BMS running and saw a need for more battery storage so I went online shopping. Everything coming from China is 4-8 weeks out so I contacted Any @ Docan and got a price on 8 302ah Catl batteries. Her price is good and she could ship from Texas...
  • Post in thread: 310 ah LifePO4 from Aliexpress take 1

    I received 8pc PWOD CATL 3.2V 310Ah grade A lifepo4 batteries from Aliexpress a few days ago. I placed the order April 13th. They showed up 1 month late but they got here. From the pics below you can see the box/packaging was in great shape. The batteries were packed individually. and I have...
  • Post in thread: Solar Panel Angle R & D Data

    I live in upstate NY on the Tug Hill Plateau. On an average we get over 225" of snow a year. I have had 2 stand alone solar powered webcams running on snowmobile trails for the last 4 years The 175W panel is at 45 degs which is ideal for December here but snow and ice sticking to them is the...
  • Post in thread: Inverter alarm won't stop

    First do you own a volt meter and or clamp on DC amp probe? My suggestion, turn that inverter off for a day or 2. Test and record the voltage of Each battery to start with and then after the 1st day and the 2nd day. During full sun, measure the voltage and amperage coming from those 2 mismatched...
  • Post in thread: Main to sub panel wiring.

    I know everyone's main panel is different but mine has all of my 110 v loads come in from the bottom so put my sub panel next to it and a bit lower and was also to transfer everything over without extending anything. I don't need a transfer switch as nothing can back feed to the main and being I...
  • Post in thread: Simple Temperature check.

    I noticed in Will's latest video he was wondering if one battery was warmer then the other. A simple cheap tool that is good in any DYI tool box is a Infrared Laser Temp Gun. Harbor Freight, Amazon or Aliexpress or the like will have them for under $50. Use it to check battery cells, solar...
  • Post in thread: Can the electrical grid handle a boom in electric vehicles?

    It will be interesting to see how fast that market grows. In my area I have never see a Leaf and only seen a few Volts. Others cars like a Tesla few and far between.
  • Post in thread: GROWATT 3K Inverters not using PV Input in bright sun

    Let me suggest you purchase 2 combiner boxes, one is for each Growatt and wire your system either 2s4p or 3s3p as shown in the pictures below. The Growatt units can share the batteries but NOT the solar panels...
  • Post in thread: Off Grid for small Cabin

    Since we are on the subject of wire size make sure what you are buying! The Wire Size Chart I linked earlier is AWG / mm2 wire size. If you buy wire off Amazon or someplace online make sure it is the AWG or mm2 size your buying. I have a spool of this really nice tinned copper, silicon jacket...
  • Post in thread: 280ah cells - multiplying

    Before you drive yourself crazy or purchase things that might not fit your purpose, how about a brief description of what you are looking to do.
  • Post in thread: Winter panel performance - yes I know the sun is lower etc.

    The good news is, it's only 4 deg F here right now so if we do get some sun I can make some power. The other good news is we only have 1 more week of the sun getting lower in the sky before it changes direction. For me that's a good thing as I have some tall pines which block my noon sun this...
  • Post in thread: AliExpress, Morecell Battery Store 310 ah unboxing

    Back in April I ordered LifePo4 batteries thru AliExpress from PWOD Official Store. I posted about those batteries and am pretty happy with them. The PWOD batteries were taking forever in shipping, so in June I ordered another set but this time from Morecell Battery Store. I ordered 8 pcs 310ah...
  • Post in thread: Need help with cables and bms for 8s 24v

    My suggestion is KISS keep It Simple Stupid Run 24volts don't mess around with 12volts. Size wire and breakers/fuse according to max amps needed.
  • Post in thread: Need help growatt & Bluetti 200p

    Please take a picture of the label on his oxygen concentrator and post it. The volts, amps, watts are needed to determine the system requirements. Also please estimate how long you think it will need to run without grid power.
  • Post in thread: Small 4 LiFePo4 cell in series system setup

    Start at the beginning. How much power do you think you will need for this project? Do you get a lot of sunny days, more cloudy or a mix. I see you have some stuff but in a lot of cases it's better to but the correct stuff new and forget about piece mealing " what you have"
  • Post in thread: Renogy Smart Lithium Battery with Self-heating

    I guess my only thing is, your in a camper and if the battery temp drops below 0c, LIFEPo4 batteres should not be charged. Yes I see it has heaters but the power from the heater needs to come from somewhere. If tyhere is limited sunlight, what then? I am thinking if I was not a DIY kind of...

diy solar

diy solar