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    A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he want's any help with his luggage. No thanks he says, I'm traveling light.
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    Both, though at this point tilting them is more trouble than it's worth. Notice the gap at the red arrow. There is a teflon washer there so the joint moves smoothly with the bolt nice and tight.
  • Post in thread: Has anyone else realized how far we are away from running civilization fully on wind and solar?

    I had a career in California utility power production. A 50 mw gas turbine unit can be online and at full power in around 5 minutes. The problem is California makes the emissions rules impossible to meet or even get a permit to build. The technology is there, the problem is the lawmakers and...
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  • Post in thread: Combine the functions of a busbar and fuse?

    The challenge with a homebuild is busbars and fuse holders at different heights or otherwise dimensionally incompatible. I have a Lynx Distributor and highly recommend it. Another option is the BEP Pro Installer system. All the components are the same height. BEP Pro Installer System
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    I have all the 4/0 done, all marine grade wire. They say it's flexible. I suppose it is....compared to a steel rod! But it gives me a warm fuzzy so it's worth the work to me. It's under the bed in the basement. The chutes (wire guides) on the Lynx distributor were too narrow for heavy duty...
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    One Victron MultiPlus True Sine Wave Inverter Charger 24V 3000w 70Amps 120v, brand new sealed in the box - $850! I'm going build a system on my travel trailer and I agonized over whether to go 12v or 24v. This deal made it a no brainer! This is the first major component and all the devices will...
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    I envy people that can do CAD drawings or even powerpoint. I have to do the caveman method of making cardboard templates the exact size of my panels. That way I can do everything from seeing what and how everything fits to setting the mounting brackets. Then the panels just drop in.
  • Post in thread: RV People, need a plug recommendation...

    I like Andersons. If you're worried about the cover coming off just get a second set and make dummy plugs. I have this on my truck, it works great.
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    I live in northern California. Pay no attention to what the news and ads say, go into a dealership and see for yourself what it will cost to get anything out the door. You may be surprised (or shocked). I would never buy an RV from a dealer FWIW...
  • Post in thread: Got Busted by Electrical Power Police..Now Need help with Permits

    Power companies own easements to every service they provide. It really doesn't matter if there are statutes or laws relating to solar interconnection or not. The power company owns your service, not you. You'll play by their rules or you won't play. And the law is on their side.
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    My personal number one best crimper ever for 10awg and smaller. It says it's for non insulated terminals but it works fine on insulated as well, it's all in the technique. FWIW I hate insulated terminals unless they're the shrink type. Thomas & Betts WT111M
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    BEP solved that problem with their Pro Electrical Installer System. Pro Electrical Installer System
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    As for working with 4/0, I made a stand for my crimping tool and it really made things better. Just a piece of scrap 2x6 and some leftover aluminum. You could just slot the board with a table saw or router for the same effect.
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    Yes you can. I did that with my WFCO 8955. That bottom charger section pops right out and the Orion fits perfectly. My batteries are at 24v so my unit just supplies the 12v distribution system but it's all relative. It will work.
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    Panel frames are anodized, which is non conductive. I wouldn't stress over it. And don't go thinking that being grounded is going to make any difference whatsoever if your panel is actually struck by lightning ;)
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    Very seldom is shading not a concern with a camper in my experience. I would not set up a camper with series connected panels.
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    Mine have history too. After 21 years with the power company, mine came home with me when I retired. ?
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    Great price on a Cerbo GX and a Touch 70. Saved me almost $150, thanks Signature Solar!
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    I made hinged mounts with aluminum strut channel and angle. Solid channel, 4" long with three .250 holes drilled. Center hole is into aluminum rafter the other two into 3/8 plywood sheathing using #14 sheet metal screws. All hardware is stainless.
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    Parallel and use 4 to 1 branch connectors. Most branch connectors are only rated at 30A, these are 50A: 50A 4 to 1 branch connectors I like this type because they can be mounted to the panel frame.
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    Yes, except for that last one. Connections re-torqued after more than 1 hour? Come on...? I've only drawn my batteries down about to 50 percent so far but my smart shunt data matches exactly with my battery data. My inverter biggest load so far has been 1800w from the microwave and it worked...
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    Any drill bit will wander, some more than others, especially in something as ductile as copper. Center cut end mills, as previously mentioned, are the perfect solution. Failing that, start the hole with a center drill or spot drill. Their whole point is no wandering. Then drill thru with any...
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    Interior work is pretty much done, just the panels and the combiner box left. Everything is playing nicely and as expected. No smoke! The Victron Orion 24/12/70 converter fits perfectly in the converter-charger spot in a WFCO 8955 power center.
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    Don't try it dry, use lube. Lots of lube and have a helper on the other end. Use mule tape.
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    I'm not convinced that panels need to be grounded on an RV, but mine are because my aluminum mounts are screwed into the aluminum trailer frame.
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    Nope. There's no reason to use the Multiplus temp sensor with your setup.
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    I just got mine, woohoo!
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    Utilities have two main concerns with interconnections. First and most obvious is safety. Second is power quality. And with smart meters on all the services in my district, they'll detect an anomaly and be knocking on your door real quick. Your meter will rat you out!
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    I didn't realize that someone beat me to this