diy solar

diy solar

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  • EG4 6500EX 120/240 Setup, 48V 105kWh Battery & Overkill 100A BMS Install

    EDITED: I've made this my build thread, so while there is an OP question below if you keep reading I'm slowly posting updates of my entire system. Mods please feel free to move if desired. System summary: (2) EG4 6500s for 120/240V config. (40) Hyundai 390W panels in 10s4p to stay under 500VDC...
  • Customer States

    This was my job today. Customer called and states "My pump won't start". This is a waterjet with a 100hp pump powered by (2) independent 50hp 480V 3ph motors which each drive a 3000psi hydraulic circuit. I get onsite and ask if there are any details about what happened leading up to the...
  • Overkill Solar 16s 48v BMS - Charges but no discharge? <-Fixed!

    So I have (8) 16s Overkill BMSs. Currently 6 are active and I have 2 packs pulled for top balancing. Of the 6 running one of them will not allow me to discharge. It charged the bank up to full. In the Overkill app when I try to toggle discharge to active, it will not take. The other 5 are...
  • Need Upgrade Advice

    Would like some input from the hive mind. I have a vehicle that currently has a roughly 180"x54" roof area for panels. Previous owner installed a 24V system that is (3) panels of unknown type at this moment. I haven't had a chance to pull them. They run into a Tracer 4215BN charge controller...
  • Quiet 3kW Cabin System Advice

    Would like advice on doing a stand alone 3kW cabin build. I have a full house build already. Here link to it. I'm in NH so the batteries will be lead acid due to cold weather and no...

diy solar

diy solar