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  • We purchased a 40' shipping container and had it delivered to Love County, OK. We first priced them back in March, but didn't buy until a month ago. Prices were up about 40% during that time.

    We priced with 2 co's in OKC, and with one in Sanger, TX (Container King). Sanger was $1500-$2000 cheaper than OKC, and they delivered it to our land for $350.

    We plan on adding solar to it.

    Take care.
    Thanks so much for the response. My place is up in the northeast part of the state, Ottawa county. I had assumed that prices for the containers would be down a bit due to over abundance of them this year, but still got to factor in all the additional cost for delivery and associated labor. When considering the shortage of truck drivers, as well as other necessary resources, this doesn't surprise me much.
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