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  • Post in thread: Fuse holder nut was glowing RED!

    The glowing red light means it's working.
  • Post in thread: Rant on terminology...

    I went on a rant about this too on this board a few weeks or months back. Makes me nerd mad.
  • Post in thread: Rant on terminology...

    I need a 200 amp battery man. My inverter pulls 20 amp hours.
  • Post in thread: Resettable Circuit Breaker - Voltage Drop

    Reminder that this is only a problem for the cheap ones. I experienced the same way back in my early car stereo days. The "name brand" breakers don't have this issue and you don't necessarily need to go the fuse route.
  • Post in thread: Open letter to Will Prowse

    Yeah I'm gonna be honest. This isn't really an "open letter" lmao
  • Post in thread: Look what I got.

    I needed to be able to make parts with high temp materials so I finally broke down and got a resin printer. DLP Elegoo Saturn to be specific. The material I'm using here has a working temp of 160C so should be more than enough for diesel heater duct parts. This thing is a work of quality of I...
  • Post in thread: At this point... if you are buying From Alibaba/Aliexpress you deserve what you get.

    Bit dramatic. There are a few good sellers there. They're just hard to find and usually only from group experience.
  • Post in thread: At this point... if you are buying From Alibaba/Aliexpress you deserve what you get.

    That's a whole lot of assumptions and generalizations my man. Tons of happy customers buying from good sellers.
  • Post in thread: My adventures building a Zinc-Iodine battery

    This is black magic.
  • Post in thread: Shenzhen Luyuan - Did I get what I paid for?

    I'm still looking for the problem here.
  • Post in thread: At this point... if you are buying From Alibaba/Aliexpress you deserve what you get.

    Just received from AliExpress. 4 undamaged cells, flat sides. Of course capacity test will have to wait a bit as it takes time.
  • Post in thread: Amazon scam

    That's not what a scam is.
  • Post in thread: The Real Reason LA port is backed up

    10/10 assessment. Biased journalism is absolutely scummy and blindly accepting it is... not intelligent.
  • Post in thread: Is there a storm brewing for YouTube reviewers?

    This is honestly an old issue. Just becoming more common as every dingus with a cell phone can start a youtube channel and companies start taking notice of prominent ones. Also, I don't believe it's legal for someone to not disclose whether or not it's a sponsored review of a product. If it...
  • Post in thread: Look what I got.

    Version 2. This one I think I will mix 4:1 with the tough resin and see if its more durable. Should be able to print the 4 parts simultaneously once again as the last one.
  • Post in thread: photovoltaic component over voltage

    Basically, you're over voltage plain and simple. Rewire the panels such that you have two series strings of 48.6v in parallel and you'll never have an issue with that again.
  • Post in thread: Maybe im stupid...

    4x 100ah with built in BMS suggests 4x 100ah 12v nominal pre-built batteries. If that's the case you REALLY don't want to go sticking the 4 batteries in series. That'll be 48v.
  • Post in thread: Good review on supplier.

    A US supplier bodes very well for the future of lithium DIY projects in this country. I hope this pans out.
  • Post in thread: Voiding warranty (probably).

    Been just under a year, but they have been outside the whole time. Thus far no issues and I have used them for a few projects now. Also happy to report that my 240AH of battery will run everything I need for an entire 3 day weekend without any solar input.
  • Post in thread: EVE-280 cells should these be clamped tight or spaced for expansion?

    So after a year sitting in the driveway I had my battery apart, and can report the Poron foam I used is holding up well and still seems to be appropriately "springy". I built mine more or less the same way as @justgary by measuring the total stack width and subtracting the foam compression...
  • Post in thread: Hello everyone, sorry I'm late! I have a nickel iron battery bank but cannot find a suitable inverter.

    "Essentially a simple switch". This is coming, or at least on the list, but requires significant monitoring and network infrastructure to determine which users should be dropped to zero grid output, when, and how quickly to bring them back up. As for batteries, that's a massive cost that most...
  • Post in thread: Using Roofing Tin as EMP shield

    EMP protection is the 21st century snake oil. Nobody knows how to do it. Nobody understands what *really* causes it. Everyone thinks they need it. EMP protection for a consumer system is essentially nonsense. All you need is excellent surge protection on your grid connection. If a solar...
  • Post in thread: Look what I got.

    We'll call this revision 1. I found a few things I don't like, but the bayonet style locks worked out perfect with a slight click into place.
  • Post in thread: LIFEPO4... Small BMS for smaller loads, bypassing BMS for large loads

    You can just power a relay/contactor from the BMS so that the large load can come through that, but when the bms shuts off it cuts the contractor... The contactor coil will pull some current on its own but likely will be insignificant compared to the load. You'll also need to put a shunt...
  • Post in thread: Structure building w/ LFP is different than building w/ lead acid

    I have an acre surrounded by trees and brush. I tend to let my grass stay a bit long. I have voles and field mice and all manner of critters. I've never seen a single shred of evidence of a mouse getting into my home but I have found them in my garage. The garage door not have the same tight...
  • Post in thread: The Real Reason LA port is backed up

    Any way to refute this? I've seen videos of tons of trucks sitting in line at ports not doing jack but waiting as fast as they can.
  • Post in thread: Socket head dropped and sparked, is this a short?

    More than that even. The weld itself is nothing. The dead short it resulted in on the other hand is going to be a matter circuit resistance and voltage. For a single 0.39 milliohm. That alone gives you over 9200 amps possible, but of course drops depending on the material and connection used...
  • Post in thread: photovoltaic component over voltage

    4 panels in series with 24.3voc is 97.2 volts. And that voc increases as the ambient temperature drops.
  • Post in thread: Terminals on 304AH cells are these too small for 300Amps?

    My first question would be if you actually need to pull 300a. Surge loads don't really have a huge impact unless they're way higher than "normal". Sustained 300a is a ton of power and warrants considering a higher voltage pack anyways.
  • Post in thread: Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills

    Failed inspection due to cracks or whatever that could cause catastrophic failure. Decommissioned because something else failed horribly in the generator section and caught fire. Age regulations. There's a few reasons.