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    Grounding confusion - 3300W pure sine inverter on Wooden frame in laundry

    1) A wire from that specified earth terminal to a earth point- NOT to the copper water water pipes and preferably to its own earth stake. Do this before going live!
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    Why in the heck is there not a Lifepo4 cell manufacturer in the USA?

    The American Gigafactory puts Samsung Li cells into Tesla battery cases. Probably change as soon as agreements run out and new US models released to use LiPo. Then no need to duplicate the process of putting LiPo cells in Tesla battery cases at the US Gigafactory when the whole assembled unit...
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    Direct to water heating.

    I am assuming there is a non-return valve in some jurisdictions that prevents legionella enriched warm water from returning back into the mains. There is a valve before our HWS and this may be it??
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    Renogy 20 wont charge

    Keep the original PWM charge controller for this panel. There would be insignificant advantage using a mppt CC at 16v when the mppt V of these panels is 18v. In Australia 2nd hand panels 180/190w are cheap $0 -$10. There is a big jump in prices after that till they reach the landed wholesale...
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    Renogy 20 wont charge

    15v is the min stated for both Rovers in the specs. Even so, don't expect much charge out of a 100w panel on a cloudy day.
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    Purpose of starter wire in a DC to DC controller

    Not a Jeep Automotive Electrician, but- One battery charger - 2 batteries. The 3 amp battery charger isn't connected to the battery that is powering the dash cam!
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    Low Power Lead-Acid solar chip CN3767, what a crap!

    Its rated at 4 amps. Googling brings up a wide range of quoted outputs from 1.7 to 4 amps. There is no heat sink on the bare board. On $10 pwms there is a rudimentary attempt at a heat sink which is the same on 10amp to 30amp models and can be modified easily to bring temps down under load...
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    Low Power Lead-Acid solar chip CN3767, what a crap!

    Probably means at 12.5v and above the battery will be still charged at the 13.55v rate rather than 14.4v (new cycle) which would occur below 12.5v. My Tecsup 12v/25a battery charger has the same profile except at 25amps instead of 4amps and keeps at float unless the battery goes below a...
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    Solar Pond

    I'll need further convincing to not see that these ponds are simply frozen when air temp drops below 0c just before dawn. Evaporation in arid climes does cool water but will stop once the first crust of ice is formed.
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    Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    Most likely 'Made in China' will be on any inverter you buy. No point paying for a brand name when one of similar specs is sold under a generic label for 1/4 the price. Cover yourself by buying from a reputable reseller and up your specs- if you think you need 600 watts buy the 1500w version...
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    Direct to water heating.

    War of the Currents 2020!!
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    Direct to water heating.

    We use rms for voltage measurement. 230v (rms). Switch companies do too. It is why heating elements AC or DC of the same rating have almost the same heating capacity.
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    The essence of solar panel setup.

    Very interesting. One question- How would the LV5048 react if the grid goes down with the micro-inverter activated since it will still be receiving a ac signal??
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    any fix for shattered glass?

    For standard house panels the cost of repair exceeds the replacement wholesale cost. Those epoxy fixes on youtube look promising until you go along to your local hardware store and price the stuff. An epoxy covering without the usual fibreglass reinforcement could be ok for home use but not...
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    Importance of connection order

    Less than 2% voltage loss Yes! Wire is ok 18v 4amps 7metres A 10amp or above acdc switch will work at that low dc amperage.