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  • Post in thread: Impress your friends by using correct units and abbreviations

    And the Ω shortcut is "ALT" 234 Along with the ° is "ALT" 0176
  • Post in thread: Is this real or a hoax? California $0.00 export rate

    Do not sell to the grid. Store or consume your power.
  • Post in thread: Volt-Amps and Watts

    Back to VA, watts and power factor... I like the visual graphic from Xantrex explaining how the entire sine wave is not always utilized showing the device may only use a fraction of the available apparent power...
  • Post in thread: Best residential plug for 12v in house? (vs 120v) Way better than a cigar connector that somehow meets code in an RV. Nothing sacred about J-Boxes. All the pictured connectors in the OP would seem to imply other than 12vdc is available. Standard wall plate:
  • Post in thread: Poor guy lost his cabin to a fire in MPP charge controller

    Too bad no details were given. Not sure I can blame the equipment unless the full setup is known. Looks like new install as the panels are very clean.
  • Post in thread: Optimistic solar breakeven calculation

    Was the increasing electric rates included in the calculation? Was improved lifestyle adjustment included for not being concerned about usage or paying the bill? What is the return when the power is on during a utility outage?
  • Post in thread: My Dometic RV fridge is sucking my batteries dry and I can't determine why?!

    Run the fridge on propane only. Otherwise a compressor fridge is needed.
  • Post in thread: 12v, 24v, or 48v?

    Unless there is a compelling reason to go with 12v or 24v.... best to just go right to 48v. A reason to stay at 12v or 24v is to connect to an existing system and match voltage such as 12v RV system.
  • Post in thread: Exceeding Inverter Limits

    No risk at all. The inverter will be damaged.
  • Post in thread: My daughter is shopping for an ev she is looking at a bolt

    Bolt 2020 and newer says rated 259 miles. 150 is a huge red flag that I would not buy except at a deep 50% discount. Even the 2017-2019 models with 238 miles showing 150 is bad news. 150 miles can easily cramp your style. I thought some of these had a battery recall. Could be the recall has...
  • Post in thread: Can you put Battery Disconnect Switches, Cut-Off Switches, Fuses on the negative wires?

    Electrically it is the same for a single circuit. Convention is to have this stuff on the positive. The negative is considered a ground and is best to be hard wired. If you start to mix and match and there is a fault it may cross over with some other circuit and create an issue.
  • Post in thread: LFP for EV's projected to be less than $56 per kWh within 6 months

    Yes from your search.... Sales data cited by Heatmap actually show that "sales of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the third quarter of 2023 exhibited the strongest year-on-year growth since the fourth quarter of 2021." The outlet also noted that sales of EVs topped one million...
  • Post in thread: MPPT maximum voltage - why no safety margin?

    Reduce the design spec by 10% - 20% and you will have a safety margin. 150v controller? Keep your panel Voc about 120v max. Same with your 2000 watt inverter. Load to 1800 watts max. Keep your engine 500+ RPM below redline. Use only 80% of the full capacity of those lithium batteries...
  • Post in thread: Solar As Backup...

    I can't get past the pellet stove in the middle of the room.
  • Post in thread: So sad to see the days getting shorter...

    Production is down some.... balanced with lower draw from the air conditioners.
  • Post in thread: Sooo... its 12F outside, my power is out until tomorrow night...

    And for the fifth... make mine a bourbon. ;)
  • Post in thread: Local electrical help needed in brookings OR

    Assuming a propane furnace I would start with a portable generator and a battery charger (10+ amps) to get the 12v system working. Easier to think when you have heat, lights and water etc. Good chance the the 12v batteries are shot. Put the charger direct on them. No need to disconnect. And...
  • Post in thread: Can the electrical grid handle a boom in electric vehicles?

    I don't get the need for noise. Especially fake noise. I far prefer to stay in stealth mode and fly under the radar.
  • Post in thread: AliExpress SCAM !!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

    The granite is a feature to help stabilize temperature extremes ;)
  • Post in thread: Grid reliability with current administration

    Yes I find it odd that conspiracies are considered true until proven false. Where the truth of science is considered false until proven true.
  • Post in thread: Colorado utility company locks people out of their thermostats

    I am on a similar program where the compressor can be shut off by the utility. Rarely happens. And usually the event occurs maybe 5pm to 9pm when I generally keep my A/C off due to high TOU rates. Close to $120 bill credit each year. If these "outraged" people don't like it.... just drop out...
  • Post in thread: Does Solar Really Pay Off

    All the more reason not to just burn it.
  • Post in thread: Solar isn't magical

    1) Fortune? Five year payback is 20% return. One of my best investments. 2a) Recycling? Should last 40+ years, what else lasts that long? 2b) Congo? OK nobody likes child labor. Congo needs better laws and enforcement. If there was any better opportunity this would go away. Bad situation...
  • Post in thread: Sizing Inverter to battery

    Keep the horse in front of the cart.... Size the inverter based on the load. Size the battery based on the inverter. May need 2 or 3 of those batteries. Unless it is something specific I would get about 400w for small stuff and if going bigger jump right to 2000.
  • Post in thread: The worst outlet.

    Top right says "WR" for weather resistant. So I assume it is good to go.
  • Post in thread: LFP for EV's projected to be less than $56 per kWh within 6 months

    Yes the main cost component of an EV drops in half and yet sales expected to continue dropping? Actually I don't see EV sales dropping at all.... maybe production has been a bit aggressive for some models sitting on the lot but sales continue up. Tesla is again making price cuts. Or in lieu of...
  • Post in thread: Is it okay to exceed max V on an MPPT by 1.2v?

    By design I would be 10% under max voltage.
  • Post in thread: See this before buying Victron

    A bit short on specifics. I call operator error.
  • Post in thread: LFP for EV's projected to be less than $56 per kWh within 6 months

    Might be better to see a graph of total EVs on the road each month before saying adoption has fallen or even stalled. I see close to 100,000 EVs getting adopted every month. Says to me the growth of growth might be slowing but more EVs still on the road each week.
  • Post in thread: Battery charging failed?

    Possibly the battery BMS was cycling based on a cell above maximum voltage. I suggest reducing the absorption voltage to 14.0 to 14.2 and try again tomorrow. If this works for a few weeks increase the voltage 0.1 and observe again.