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  • I have just purchased a new motor home and will be installing my lithium battery. The battery is 4 x Eve 280ah with an Overkill BMS. I will connect a Victron MPPT, Victron B to B and a Victron 30amp charger.

    My question, do I keep the Victron units set to the standard Lithium Bulk, float values?

    What values do I then set my Overkill to?


    Is there charger that I can run in parallel with my Magnum MS4024PAE to speed up charging of a 24volt 960Ah LifePo4 Battery bank? (from a 10K generator)
    You have a Private Message from me, see the envelope icon at top right next to your usename.
    I would think that if you are running your charger through the BMS, that the BMS will protect batteries from damage, but the BMS size (current throughput limit) will be the deciding factor here. You can, supposedly, connect multiple chargers to one bank without issues. The question then becomes, what will the BMS allow for charging current.
    Thanks YurtDweller, I will check the figures.
    I live in SoCal and want to purchase a 24 v 100ah lithium battery. I looked at signature solar at $1499. + 300 freight. Any suggestions. Will had a 48 v recently EG4? Thank you
    Will, I posted an issue under PatD in this forum regarding a code 08 on my MPPSolar charger-inverter 24V. Was wondering if you had any ideas on what the issue could be. The code only shows up when I add generator power as my 120V input. (i'm off grid only). Solar charging works fine and the inverter is operating normal as well.
    Check out my post "My experience with the MS3024DIY Inverter". It may be a similar situation, however, there was no code displayed.
    Will, Amfacingopengutsurgery&willbuyAC300t2more bats. If I DIE willupleazhelpmywifeastohowtousethissystem&notbreakit-tolive? Her name is Carol R.
    I am planning to put together a 24 volt solar system for a cabin and have regular wind on the site.
    Could someone please direct me to one of the plug n play type control units that has an input from a 500 watt wind generator that can be used when there is no sun?
    Thanks for any directions!
    .I ran across Some 320 ah LiFepo4 cells on AliExpress . 6668orders Store. 740.00 for 16 cells, free shipping. Sounds to good to be true to me.

    100% New Lifepo4 320Ah 4-16PCS 3.2V Grade A 48V 310AH Battery Pack DIY RV Cell And Solar Energy Storage System EU US Tax Free​

    5 Reviews532 orders

    US $740.00

    Color: 16PCS Battery

    Is there a way to connect two battery systems to a single inverter?

    I have a 4.8 kWh Pylontech48v battery system. I have a second 10 kWh 48v battery that I purchased in China, that i'd like to add to the 4.8 kWh batteries.
    Will, I just came across the Bluetti AC200 as I have been waiting to maybe get a Jackery 2000. The Bluetti looks impressive. Have you ever compared these units? Bluetti looks like it has way more flexibility and options. Any input or direction would be appreciated.
    Will, I just went thru the Bluetti AC200 max. Any input on this? They have a package w/3 each 200 watt panels. any input would be appreciated.
    Will - Hell bent on AC300 until Tom's ABC rating of 72%. Your 87% was expected and I believe BOTH reviews. Crushed by your review Titan inverter capacity failed hugely as well. Has Titan ever fixed this? AC300 is completely customer untested. Consider new shootout AC300 vs Titan's latest model? I am TORN! Planning multiple batteries and it's a ton of MONEY for a retired couple. Please give us some guidance!
    Will Prowse
    Will Prowse
    Gosh that is really tough!! I would say go for the titan, but I really like my ac300. I'm torn. I trust the titan should have zero issues, but who knows when it will actually be available. And most of these units have similar efficiency ratings. I really have no clue why tom pulled 72%. There must be something on his unit that caused that. I just don't get it.
    Grounding the Victron Phoenix 1200 inverter AC output. I see the documentation in the manual but it's very abstract. Has anyone done this? Any advice/pics/videos are welcome. Thanks!
    I have a Samlex 2000 watt inverter I grounded as per the manual which called for 8 Gauge stranded wire. Because this was an RV install, the wire got attached to the frame with a screw and a star washer With a grounding lug from Home depot.
    Hi Will, love your videos. I purchased 4 280Ah 3.2v batteries from China. Attached a RadioB-Tech BMS. It looks like the Overkill you made a video. The pro-app says The battery is 100%charged at 100Ah and underneath in little numbers it says 99.51% charged and the cell numbers are appropriately saying about half charged. Will the BMS figure this out because I don’t know how to configure it. Thanks
    looking for experienced opinions. Would you rather have a smart battery or a BMS that you cannot communicate with paired with a Victron smart shunt?
    I have 27 volts golf into my Daly bms and 17 volts coming out?
    Daly is 24 volt 8s 150 amp
    Looking for advice….I live in Minnesota and use 2 125ah agm batteries in my solar system and wondering about winter care for the batteries? can i leave them in my tiny house where temps can reach -25F will that harm them or diminish capacity? I do visit the house a handful of times in the winter so i would prefer to leave them connected to the system. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Contact the manufacturer with your exact model number to get a spec sheet.
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