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  • My husband wants to run 6 and 6 into our combiner box. Will this be okay? He had it started it out at 4 sets of 3, but that didn't seem to do much ? ??
    He has 6, and 3 & 3 now.


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    Would love to hear more about this. Just starting and have been waiting to afford panels! Not sure if I should jump on some of these or what more I need to learn/know before adding panels to my Batteries... I have no time to study right now but could store for a year until I do if they will work for any system or if I can work a system around them.
    Issues with Growatt and Battle Born.
    (2) Growatt 48V SPF 3000TL LVM
    New 05 US2 battery setting locks User Defined Bulk and Float to same value.
    But major issue is that Growatt inverters will NOT allow charge voltage over 53.8v !
    Cannot use full (8) Battle Born battery potential.

    Growatt response see attached
    I hope Will can address this in the near future.


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    Will Prowse's video ( Upgrading the Solar Shed: 48V Growatt Inverter Install 3:39) with similar Growatt inverters/48v/Battle Born
    he sets 05 Battery Type to AGM.....hmmmmmm? Before US2 setting available?
    Here are a couple of pictures of my 300 ah battery bank for my Montana fifth wheel. I have a Go Power IC3000 Charger/Inverter


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    I have a Bluetti AC 200p in my house connected to 790 watts of panels. Is it safe keeping the panels connected all the time or should i disconnect them when not in use or not home.
    Hello Will, just in case you might need a change of pace, I have been watching eBay for machine tools. When I saw a few machines in Nevada, I got to thinking that you live near that neck of the woods. See item 402911062233 , which should be a used Tormach cnc mill, https://www.ebay.com/itm/402911062233
    Hi Will, We have been watching you for quite a while now and we are very impressed. We have a RENOGY DC DC 60 Amp charger we installed in January of this year. The DC DC does not appear to be working. We have a battery bank of 6 x 120ah LifePo4 batteries. The manual is confusing as far as settings go for lithium batteries. S5 is definitely off, what about the rest?
    Regards Sybil and John
    I am planning on building a 24 volt system to back up home and run small portable ac unit. I have 6 100w 12v panels( plan to buy more as needed). I will take the 2 BB batteries out of my RV for storage.
    Plan on expanding system as money allows. Should I purchase all in one or separate components? 8000 BTU ac unit.
    Thanks for any comments.
    Built my 12 RV system using Will’s book.
    Easy newbie question, I hope. Can a split phase inverter, like the 48V, 5kw split phase Growatt supply both 240 VAC and 120VAC simultaneously? The wiring diagram seem to indicate that it can. Is this true? Thanks.
    Looking to upgrade old system (lead acid). Found this today. Your thoughts much appreciated. Need to know if this is the real deal before I pull the trigger and order. Thanks.

    US $202.08 11% Off | High Capacity 3.2V 420Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack Lithium iron Phospha DIY 12V 24V Motorcycle Electric Car Solar Inverter Battery
    These Fantasy 420's have been discussed at length already in the forum. Run don't walk.
    Thank you chrisski. Different battery weights makes sense. I’m just trying to find the greatest capacity vs price that I can. I’m new at this and the forum. So I don’t know everything.
    Ken Wing
    Ken Wing
    Hey, why bother with a case? Really???1624983981733.png
    ken morgan
    ken morgan
    I think you misunderstand, he is cutting open various premade units to investigate exactly what they are selling. Some of the tools he uses work, but a simple slip could mess some things up, hence i offered a different tool for him to consider when opening the cases of these premade batteries.
    Can you please do a Growatt auto transfer video? I'd love to see your growatt set up in the trailer automatically switch the output from battery to grid when the battery/PV gets to a low threshold. I "think" that's a feature of the Growatt. This would go for David Poz with his 240 parallel Growatt setup. I don't think he's on this forum though.

    Huge fan of you both.

    Off-Grid air conditioner/de-humidifier

    I just received my fan motor. All it says on the housing is 12V.
    I want to test it with a car battery. After I see that everything works as hoped
    I plan to use 64 - 18650 Li Ion.
    For the test do I need to install a resistor, potentiometer, rheostat... or?
    Can I just run the leads to the battery?
    I'll try to include a photo of the fan.
    Any ideas?


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    I watch all your videos (over and over) on the treadmill. I may be mistaken but I've never seen you talk about compression. I see people on here talking about compressing their batteries all the time - do I need to? For example the DIY milk crate battery.
    Saw and agreed with you on a response to this question in the Ask me anything video. F it - they're not babies (the batteries i mean).
    Thanks very much for all you do - all the great information you share, the excellent videos, all the help you provide others. Much appreciated.
    I'm considering buying stock in a plastic milk crate company. Especially if you go into Production! :)
    building a Class C RV. I think I have a system speced, but need some advice please. Here is what I am looking at.
    6) 200w panels.
    4) 200ah 12v lithium battery with 100a BMS on each
    1) 100a charger/controller
    1) 3000w inverter.
    going to power tv and audio receiver, refrigerator, coffee pot, microwave, and misc small stuff.
    Im just trying to get in the ball park. Am I heading in the right direction?
    Many thanks
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