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  • I understand about making a living and costs , however I’m retired on 1,300. a month , I’m almost self sufficient and have no big bills. Cars, land etc all paid off … doing hydroponics, Solar, etc, lots of air miles from my travels, so able to go to Hawaii and New England.., so in my situation why wouldn’t I buy this Weize with free shipping?


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    Blue bars of gold, Chinese dynamism juice, Energy independence, Self sufficiency, And another order of my middle finger to corporate Americana....


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    A good topic for a video would be build or buy. With assembled batteries getting so competitive Imthink the are some considerations that should be taken into account when choosing. For example features, BMS quality, competitiveness of larger amp batteries, B cells or a host of other things to think about.
    Thanks for facilitating all the info here!
    Hi Will, I just watched your video. Saw u were donating items. Love your videos ! Just built 2 1500w ground mounts at my off-grid cabin. I'd love a big 48v server rack batteries. I'm a US army veteran & healthcare worker 26 yrs if that mean anything. If I don't qualify, id like recommend my friend Randy Styer, he's 68 yr old, just battled cancer, still 100% off grid, below poverty level. Tnx


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    I have two SOK 12v 206ah batteries that I bought a couple of years ago after Will gave them such a good review. They’ve worked well for me. SOK now has a 12v 280ah battery with twice the amperage capability and Bluetooth plus heated. Has anyone checked these out? I hope Will will review them soon.
    I'm trying to calculate, if I use a ceramic 250watt heater for backup power, am I calculating my system correctly?
    I come up with 6000 watts per 24 hours run time. If I want enough battery storage for 3 days, How much battery storage should I have? Thanks so much. Dyan~
    You should start a post in the forum on this. There’s many what ifs.

    Math says little less then 22 kWh to power with an inverter, but so many questions to find the right size pack.
    I have a Delta 2 with extra battery having issues with or maybe normal?
    1.The batteries are never in sync one could be at 100% the other at 79% and dropping when discharging
    2. Charging is the same never in sync
    3. The extra battery was getting 300 watts but showing a charging rate of about 4% a minute crazy

    Thanks for you impute and help
    I am thinking 2 300 amp hour lithium iron phosphate batteries?
    I just wanted to throw this out there. I remember Will talking about mounting EG4LL batteries being a down side for RV owners. I used 8020 inc extruded aluminum and love the batteries. Maybe this will help some people make a choice for the EG4LL batteries. Hope this helps someone, have a great day.


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    That is fine for keeping batteries in place for 99% of the time, but an immediate stop like a traffic accident, I'm not so sure, maybe, maybe not, I might add some redundancy to that set up..That would be a 100 pound missile if it snapped that aluminum..But, probably be fine the way it is..I use that aluminum for everything..
    Yeah, it's not actually completely done yet either. I still need to secure it to the floor and the rack batteries need to be attached to the aluminum. I do agree they could become missiles under extreme braking conditions but thankfully my rig is stationary and never going anywhere.
    So with inverter power input limitations and variable power output types of solar panels (bifacial panels) how can.you best limit the solar string arrays output into the inverter MPPTs so as not to overload the inverter?
    General question
    I have friend, retired vet, electric bill is killing him, can I just attach a few panels (enphase through a combiner box) to his existing panel he has a mechanical meter. Not looking for enough to sell to sdge just lower his bill, not planning on any permits or bs.
    Things are only illegal if you get caught. But there is far more to it than hooking up panels. Better off pricing out a full system and going off grid.
    Or, find a meter from an old building, switch it with his meter, and switch them again before the guy comes to read the meter..That was always the easiest system before these smart meters...
    Two new Eg4 6500 inverters ran 1 week flawlessly. Abruptly shut down and one inverter blew the 200 amp T class fuse. Neither inverter will power on. All 7 Eg4 batteries went on fault. Working with SS.
    100 amp breaker
    Have you tired to restart the batteries and inverter?

    Did you check the push in breaker need to AC input? (Shouldn't prevent inverters from powering on)

    Do you still have solar?
    I have nothing from the inverters I did see a P6 error code
    Continued...Chins mentioned something about using 12v to start up the BMS? I do have a noco 12v li charger. Can you help? this is all new to me and I would like to get this up and running. thanks!
    Will, help? I just received a Chins 12.8v 100aH Smart battery and it is at 0 volts. I did contact Chins. I installed this into my RV and set the power converter to Li mode for 14.6 volts. Can I just plug the RV in to start charging the battery?
    Hi am glad to join the forum from Ghana in Africa. I sent you an e mail sometime ago and never got a reply from you. Through your videos and that of Davidpoz and few others I have installed 5Kva growatt inverter with 24 kWh Incell battery bank. Am not technical but learning fast through solar videos.
    HOW would you best install this system. And can I take the wires that are for battery on tounge and attach directly to 24/12 70 and not have a battery outside? 2018-freedom-express-liberty-320bhds under the bed and inverter in the pass-through.


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    EG4 6500ex issue, showing 165v AC for input. Any one have this issue
    Shows an F12 Fault code. tested ac input and its 124v. unit will shut down after turning on after about a minute. have a second unit and it works fine.
    was set to 2p1 on faulty inverter, 2p2 on the one that works fine. signature solar doesnt know whats the issue
    I bought an European type 220v

    2500w 24v MPP Solar inverter 80A MPPT solar charger high PV450V batteryless . I have ten used panels 250w.a 5k step up/down transformer.a u.s. 3250w generator.4chins 12v100ah.I'm thinking I can run the generator to the transformer into 110 and 220 out to the mppt. Then mppt 220 out to transformer for 110 for my use . ??​

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