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  • What Battery Company to go with, I started with 2 SOK's, I got a email today from SOK "Not now on amazon. We will accept new orders on 18Th April,8AM California time, on our website. And will ship out at the early of May, 10th May."

    With all that happen in the world I'm not waiting for them, so can someone suggest a battery company and not BB. Thanks
    Hey! Quick dumb question for anyone!
    with a 2 Tesla Module (48v) system, how big a resistor do I need to charge the capacitors in my Schnieder 4048 and prevent the gigantic spark?

    Here's a cute clip, watch what happens when Darren starts up his SW4048 on Tesla modules... learn from his mistake and save yourself some fuses.
    Do Victron MPPT, CerboGX, or any other brand solar /or ACDC charge controllers sense lithium charge state by the Knee (Current / Voltage algorithm), or do the just use voltage?
    I discovered this forum while researching solar for boondocking in camper. Our 2013 camper had AGM battery but I have no idea where the inverter is located despite looking, so changing that to allow Lithium may not be possible. Is there something that can be added inline to allow replacing AGM with Lithium?
    Your ‘inverter’ is probably one with or below your self-contained power center. RV ‘inverters’ are usually poor battery chargers anyway, imho.

    I’d look in the cabinet behind the power center; the power center and the 12V/120V converter are probably the same unit
    I have a NOMA crystalline panel meant to charge 12 volt batteries. Will a Jackery (or other) solar generator be able to convert that for 110 current use?
    Normal electrical systems on boats have a house bank of batteries and an engine starting battery. What size and configured LiFePo4 battery would be good for an engine starting battery such as a 100 hp Yanmar Diesel?
    Thanks Will for your videos, I'm planning to replace AGM batteries on boat to LiFePo4 and have many questions regarding this change. Will be watching more of you videos. Thanks
    New to the group eh from Ontario Canada. Question on the renogy DC-DC MPPT. I have 2 panels at 245 watts 36.9V voc 29V Vmmp. 206ah SOK. I like the all in one feature and price point. If the renogy only takes 25V what would be an option for an all in one unit for off grid van. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My brain hurts with the amount of research


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    3000+kwh system, Down to 0 F ambient operating temp. Minneapolis, MN area.
    Batteries recommendation would be most helpful!

    Thanks to Will and others! Jim R. I appreciate any of your time.
    Hi Will, long time fan, first time poster.
    Saw your latest video on a milk crate system, I want to build similar to support a 3000W Inverter, have you found a BMS with sufficient capacity (250A) that has a low-temp charging cutoff, or even an add-on low-temp charging cutoff? Maybe there's a way to piggyback 2x 140A BMSes to accomplish for at 240A capacity?
    I've searched and searched....
    Hello... newbie here and newbie for solar system DIY build.
    Question: I will have to piece mill all the different parts over time and I'm thinking of purchasing the LifePo4 batteries first. What are the shelf life of these batteries, specifically looking at the 4PCS LiitoKala 3.2V 280Ah lifepo4 battery DIY 12V 280AH. Would a simple trickle charge keep them in good condition while not being used?

    Thank you,
    You do not trickle charge LFP
    How long do you think you will be storing your batteries before you use them?
    Also this is a profile post to Will that he will not reply to.
    Make a Forum post in the LFP battery section to get a response.
    I watched a video of yours at
    You connected an AC to DC power source directly to the DCC50S positive terminal. So the DCC50S is setting the charge profile for shore power? So I could use any AC-DC charger? Also: is there no issue of current flowing back toward the starter battery? Should there perhaps be a manual disconnect for the alternator source when shore power is used?
    Have a inverter setup in my RV which is using a Xantrex XC 2000 80a. The transfer switch is wired to shore power and generator power. I have a extra Xantrex 2000 inverter, no charging circuit. What I would like to do is build a total separate solar system just like the 400 watt blue print that you designed and use it when needed. Got all the pieces that I need including the MOES Dual Power controller.
    Advice. I have 4- t105 Trojans in parallel 12v 750 watts solar, to an outback 80 amp mppt outback controller. Factory Xantrex pro 1800 inverter and wfco 9855 converter. I have a res.fridge 6.5 amp 120v, 780 watt,microwave,coffee maker 900 watts, hair dryer. The fridge plus 1 is within reason. I have about $900 to spend, what upgrade do you suggest?
    hi Will need some advice. bought a pip 5048mgx inverter and 10pcs of canadian solar panel model type:CS3W-445MS. manual says connect 5 series and 2 parallel. is this the right thing for that inverter. any other suggestion is welcome. that you.
    I'm looking for a design for small c motorhome that will let me run 13,500 btu ac unit for 10 hrs similar to volta system solar optional.
    My epever 40 amp charge controller pv lite stopped shining and possibly stopped charging. I checked my three 170watt panels all good. They charge my four 100ah batteries. Please help. Thank you
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