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Voltroinc inverter protcol tester...

Attached is a program to issue the Voltronic queries listed in the document I have.
I tested with an MPPSolar LVX6048WP.

^P004GOF Query AC input frequency acceptable range of feed power
^P003PI Query protocol ID
^P003ID Query series number
^P004VFW Query CPU version
^P005VFW2 Query secondary CPU version
^P005VFWT Query DSP and MCU version
^P003MD Query device model
^P005PIRI Query rated information
^P003GS Query general status
^P004GS2 Query generator and secondary output information
^P003PS Query power status
^P004PS2 Query generator and secondary output information (power)
^P004MOD Query working mode
^P003WS Query warning status
^P005FLAG Query enable/disable flag status
^P002T Query current time
^P003ET Query total energy generated
^P004GOV Query AC input voltage acceptable range for feed power
^P005GPMP Query maximum output power for feeding the grid
^P006MPPTV Query solar input MPPT acceptable range
^P003SV Query solar input acceptable range
^P004LST Query LCD sleep wait time
^P003DI Query default value of changeable parameter
^P005BATS Query battery setting
^P003DM Query machine model
^P004MAR Query machine adjustable range
^P004CFS Query current fault status
^P006HFS Query history fault parameter
^P005HECS Query energy control status
^P006GLTHV Query AC input long-lime highest average voltage
^P004FET Query first generated energy saved time
^P003FT Query wait time for feed power
^P005ACCT Query the time period for which AC charging is allowed
^P005ACLT Query the time period for which AC is allowed to carry load
^P006FPADJ Query feeding grid power calibration
^P005FPPF Query feed in power factor
^P005AAPF Query automatically adjusts PF parameters based on power (for VDE4105 only)
^P005INGS Query internal general status
^P005FPRA Query feed-in grid reactive power
^P005MAR1 Query machine adjustable range 1
^P005MAR2 Query machine adjustable range 2
^P005MAR3 Query machine adjustable range 3
^P003VP Query grid volt protect
^P003FP Query grid frequency protect
^P004OFD Query over frequency drop rated power
^P004VRR Query voltage and reactive power response
^P005BTEQ Query battery EQ information
^P004CVT Query CV time
^P004AFD Query AC output coupled frequency modulation gradient
^P003UL Query UL certification parameters
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