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diy solar

6s Li Ion charger search


Its got electrolytes
Nov 28, 2023
Fairbanks, AK
Looking for recommendations for a charger
120VAC to DC
For 6s Li Ion (tesla modules in parallel with external BMS+balance)
Adjustable voltage between 24 and 25v
Something in the 50 to 100a range

The victron AC chargers do not go low enough in the app settings. Almost ran into trouble with this as I assumed a 24v charger would actually output 24 volts but this is not the case, nor is the actual min max voltages specified in the data sheet.

I was running a 20A drok adjustable power supply but just smoked it as cooling is lacking. Apparently not rated for continuous use at full output.

On another system, my multiplus ii is a good charger and does go low enough but a bit overkill for this project where I just need a charger and not inverter.
Well aware that they are 6S NCA/NMC cells. My point was that your assumption that a 24V charger would put out 24V is flawed. 24V batteries need more than 24V to be fully charged.

VictronConnect DEMO LIBRARY will show you all settable options and their limits. Unfortunately, that IP22 charger can only be set to 25.6V as a charger, but it can also operate as a constant voltage power supply as low as:


For that chemistry, I wouldn't be concerned operating it in that mode.

diy solar

diy solar