diy solar

diy solar

Adding backup battery to current solar system


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Jun 4, 2024
Houston TX
Hi all, new here and have lots of questions, due to recent storms in Houston, we lost power multiple times, and this is what lead me here. I currently have solar panels, total of 23 panels with SolarEdge Inverter model SE7600H-US, it is my understanding this is only a string inverter with optimizers on the panels. If I'm right in order to install battery backup I will need to change this inverter to a hybrid inverted, correct? My idea is to buy EcoFlow Delta Pro batteries, as when I move I can take them with me, and also when I go camping I can take them along, I don't want to install a power wall battery, unless the price is right and y'all have a recommendation. I'm only looking to power essential circuits like my main fridge, WiFi, and my garage (as this is were I have my homebrew, and need to keep the fermenters going :) ).

Or is there a way to rewire the current inverter to accept the battery backup?

EcoFlow also has a home panel:

Any help is good, I'm already down the rabbit hole.

My system size is 9.2 kW with 23 panels.


diy solar

diy solar