diy solar

diy solar

Central Ohio - Technical Sales Rep


Owner, Off-Grid Power Systems
Nov 23, 2020
Central Ohio
Have you dabbled in solar energy and power systems, have previous technical sales experience, and want to couple the two interests together? We tripled our sales in year two (2023) and we're going to at least double it again in 2024. We are distributors for multiple Tier 1 product lines and don't limit ourselves to the low-hanging fruit. You would be technically adept, as well as social, and represent a highly-technical staff. You could be early in your career, or semi-retired but looking for a new challenge. The important thing is you're intellectually curious and financially motivated.

We have highly-technical staff and we focus on solving problems rather than just selling products. We are not a high-volume online e-tailer and likely never will be. Our customers tend to have more challenging needs that mainstream installers decline. If you like to sell and not worry about having to look over your shoulder post-sales, we're the best fit for you.

Send me a private message and we'll take it from there.
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