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Connecting XW Pro and EG4 Power Pro All Weather - solved (InsightHome)


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Jun 29, 2023
First time post. Brand new to this stuff. I thought I would share...

I'm running InsightHome (v1.17) and firmware version 2.04 on the Schneider XW Pro 6848.

Following the Signature Solar guide, I was able to get the BMS of the EG4 PowerPro AllWeather recognized in the InsightHome software, but the Inverter would not start and displayed a F90 fault (lost connection to BMS) ...while troubleshooting with SS, I stumbled on the solution on my own:

Under advanced configuration menu of the inverter, there is a heading: "Associations" By default, it is looking for "House Battery Bank 1".
When configuring the EG4 BMS under BMS_DEV, you need to specify which battery bank it it is attached to. Once I set it to "House Battery Bank 1" and hit apply, the fault went away, and the inverter came online.

Maybe the guide should have included this step, maybe it should have happened automatically, maybe a firmware changed some defaults, or maybe I did something in the wrong order, I'm not sure. The only thing noticeably different from the guide: I was unable to select the EG4 battery manufacture in the BMS setup.

Anyway, glad it's all working now.
Thanks for sharing, working on getting my 6048 connected to the power pro.
Does Insight Home have a way to limit the EG4 power pro discharge to no less than 20%? SS told me if I drained the battery all the down it would be hard to get it to come back on.
As far as I know, yes. I configured closed loop communication between the PowerPro BMS and the Insight Home so I can trigger events on state of charge.
I am using my system as a whole home backup w/o solar. I run on battery for peak rate shaving from 3pm to 9pm. My rates are 50% higher from 3pm-7pm. Around 7:30pm, my battery hits my low SOC setting (35%) and the system seamlessly flips back to grid. After 9pm, the battery begins recharging back to 99% and stays there until the next day. I have the charger charge-blocked from 3p-7p. When I go on vacation, I will turn off peak shaving and the battery will rest at 99% in case there is a power outage while I am away.
It took a while to figure it out, but it works great.
Guess my XW6048 was so old I couldn’t get it to work. It would not recognize the lithium battery setting from the insight home. . Schneider tech told me to update the firmware on the XW6048, but after 3 attempts it would not update. I did get the EG4 power pro BMS recognized as a device on the insight home. So I guess if I want to use the powerpro with my Schneider I with have to buy another XW6848