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DC disconnect NEC/CEC 690


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May 23, 2020
Ran into a snag interpreting 690.13 and 690.15
I both refer to DC disconnects, with for safety or serviceability.

690.13(A) has a note stating 690.12 (RSD) satisfies the requirements for 690.13

690.15 reads extremely redundant after going throu 690.13
690.15(C) makes me think I might need something that actually physical opens the wires to the panels. But, I don't know their definition of "isolating"

The system I am putting together has remote shut down with Tigo RSS boxes.
It's a single string and the current is low enough I don't think I need OCPD.
Connected to a charge controller (built in arc and ground fault)

In your opinion, will the RSD suffice for the DC disconnect?

I can post the applicable code text if requested.
Sadly, they don't answer calls at 10:00 pm when I'm working through my permit ?

I put it in to get the permit approved with a breaker as a DC disconnect. I'll report back if that was needed once I have answers.