DYI solar blueprints. 12/24 volt system without batteries for pond aerator


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Apr 5, 2022

this maybe a dumb question. In reviewing the DYI solar blueprints I‘m intrigued by the 12 volt systems without batteries.

I’d like to add two aerators to a off grid pond. It is 3.5 acres and maximum depth of 10 feet. Given the location I’d like to avoid batteries to reduce the risk of theft. Running the aerators only while the sun is out is fine.

for each aerator. is this possible using Solar panels and the 30 amp 48v step down converter shown in the blueprint. a sine inverter/ PWM controller and a 120v AC aerator such as highblow Hp,120
Rated Voltage. 110-120
Power Supply Frequency hz 50/60
Power Consumption 115 watts
Amps 1.6

thank you