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EG4-3000 install in Van Conversion


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Feb 12, 2023
Beaufort NC
Has anyone installed an EG4-3000 all in one in a moving vehicle?
I am researching installing one and 2 LL batteries as the heart on my electrical system in a Promaster van. The install will steal from Will P.’s hand truck made into a portable power station video. Shore power will feed into the 3000, the 3000 will charge 2 48 volt LL server rack batteries, supply single phase 120 volts to a load center. A 48 volt to 12 volt step down will supply 12 volt systems.
Yes, I have installed a larger EG4 back system similar to this for my house.

My concern is vibration.
I have not @ELT but I am curious & following your thread.

I hope some forum members who have chime in & post their experiences.

Vibration experience with this unit mounted in a van would be good to obtain before your install.

So if not the EG4-3000, what else do you have in mind ?