diy solar

diy solar

Hi, Rob from Huddersfield UK.


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Mar 26, 2024
Huddersfield UK
Hi everyone, I'm Rob.
I have a Caravan on a seasonal pitch, I have mains hook up and a solar panel on the Caravan roof.
I am planning to add an additional small solar set up to power stuff in my awning, I have a 150w panel, a Victron mppt 75 /15 charge controller, a Renogy 1000w inverter and two 38ah AGM security system back up batteries batteries added together to make 76ah.
All I am planning to power is an lcd tv (150w) and a bit of lighting for about 4 hours in the evening.
Not sure about the batteries going forward, I suspect they won't have enough capacity? And may be even the wrong type, gonna give it a try though in the first instance.
Hi Rob, welcome to the forum

we are motorhomers so have a similar 'need' for power at times. i eventually settled on a 304Ah Lithium battery from Fogstar UK and a 3000w renogy inverter - extreme ....?? perhaps, but i wanted to be able to use an electric kettle and a microwave at the same time, home comforts or pampered ...?? LOL

it all comes down to how much time you spend 'off grid' with no EHU and how much gas you use for cooking etc. with the price of refills and reduced availability of lpg at the some in some areas, for us it seemed to make sense. we now cook 'all electric' ,,, induction hob, george foreman grill for bbq, even a table top pizza oven and air fryer! As you are on permanent EHU, a lithium charged by solar might also reduce your end of your electricity bill ... if you use your van every weekend, it might charge up enough in the week to supply you over a full weekend or even longer. do the maths and see if its an option based on what the site is charging you for electricity. if your useage is £3 per day that youre there, then it might be cost effective to invest in a lithium AND possibly a portable solar panel that you ensure is always in the best place to harvest the sun. as youre on a seasonal pitch you could just as easy get a couple of domestic panels and store them under the van if you have to?

in your situation, if this is a long term 'plan', i would def be looking for a lithium battery, they can be taken down to 15% discharge (even lower apparently). i think your set up should work fine but i would def consider the lithium option further down the line and look to introduce 'all the comforts of home' ....

ps, you will see all sorts of all in one units being sold and while theyre ok for some solutions, i am not a big fan due to cost and power output

diy solar

diy solar