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New Renogy IP67 50A DC-DC Converter w/MPPT, and Add Renogy 1 for $1 - ends today!


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Jun 30, 2020
For some time, RedArc has more or less held the dual-battery overlanding/boondocking crowd captive with its best-in-class, i.e. smaller/sealed DC-DC chargers w/MPPT, tho apparently many of which have been out of stock a while anyway.

With little fanfare, Renogy just released a 50A product with superior specs (like higher 50V MPPT limit), and at a much lower price point... right now only $349 vs. $599 for RedArc's similar 50A offering... and to sweeten the pot further, until EOB today, you can add Renogy's ONE Core product for just $1!

Would love to see you give this a formal look/test, @Will Prowse it seems to be by far the new best value proposition in this category.

5% coupons abound btw, reducing the bundle total to ~$330 w/free shipping +tax.

Just installed one of these new DC-DC chargers on my camper 300Ah lifepo4 tongue battery. Great specs, seems really solid and IP67 weather protected so it's fine outside. I'm very happy with it. Software app via Bluetooth access on my phone is appreciated.

I was very pleased to find I can adjust the charge rate on the fly from 50 amps, down by increments of 10 amps. If I'm driving 5 hours I may only want to charge at 20 or 30 amps sometimes and relieve my alternator from the higher burden, and can even do it via my phone without exiting my tow vehicle. That's a key feature I couldn't find anywhere until looking around in the software!

Another key for me was the ability to move up to 24v in my camper (planned upgrade) with this device. I really like that too.
I also like that it automatically turns on and off just sending the power from my pickup alternator. No risk of running my pickup battery dead by forgetting, and I don't have to run an ignition wire or anything. It's both simple and smartly designed.

Got the combo deal and the One Core installation is next.