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diy solar

PowerQueen 300AH 12v

I bought this specific battery brand because Will Prowse recommended it. When you say buying these Cheap batteries, is there an expensive one that you would recommend is better?

Will recommends the battery you bought because it’ss decent value. Very cheap and even with unbalanced cells, you usually get at least 90-98% of rated capacity.

IMO, a better bargain is the Powerurus brand, which Will also recommends on his site. Another good small brand is Sunfunkits, which sells both DIY battery kits as well as prebuilt batteries. I’ve heard they do a good job of selecting balanced cells. I would have bought one of the SFK batteries had I not bought the Powerurus.

One of the best and essential features of a better battery is one that has Bluetooth. Then you can see exactly what the BMS is doing instead of guessing. The ultra cheap batteries like Power Queen and Litime don’t have Bluetooth.