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PowMR 5500/220V: Error Code 19(???)

Hephaistos Fnord

New Member
May 9, 2023
I've got a PowMR 5500W/220V All-In-One that I've hooked up to about 3kW worth of flexible solar panels, all mounted on top of a Costco carport tent, as a dedicated at-home charging station for my Nissan Leaf. I was pretty proud of it until yesterday/today, when I went to replace the battery backup system with new 240Ah KUBOKA LiFePo4 batteries.

It worked great for about 16 hours (1 full afternoon of sunlight + overnight), then the inverter switched to displaying fault code [19]⚠ - and I can't find that error code in the manual! Any ideas?

- The batteries are all showing nominal voltages of 12.4V, 12.6V, 12.6v and 12.7V
- The solar panels are showing 167VDC, which the PowMR can definitely see - it's just refusing to deliver any charge to the batteries while Fault 19 is showing.
- This happens whether or not any 220V load is connected.
- If a 220V load IS connected, no power is delivered from the panels to the load, even though the inverter is designed to do this whether or not it's charging the batteries.

I was so proud of my little setup, too! Any help would be appreciated; PowMR's manuals and customer support have been useless.
Huh! It must have shipped with a manual for another system, and I must have also downloaded the wrong pdf. :(

That sounds bad - if there's no load plugged into the inverter, and no visible short, what would cause that error?
Great idea. Did you ever get this sorted? I was looking at their 8200w 240v AC unit for charging my tesla. Did you need to do anything special to achieve neutral ground bonding? I havent seen very many reviews of the PowMr units so I am waiting a bit before I pull the trigger. I am very tempted to purchase it now as their summer sale states 29% off so about $531 after adding the wifi dongle.
I just bought a new charger/inverter, which worked fine for 24 hours, but now the batteries aren't working.

They read 42.3V when not connected, but plugging them in to the turned-off charger/inverter drops them to 2.6V