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Renogy BT-2 Bluetooth via Network Hub and 4 x 100ah Smart Battery review of the DC Home App Ver 1.8.7


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Dec 10, 2021
Hi Folks,

As per the title I installed the Renogy 4 100ah smart Batts all linked with 95mm cable using the 'halfway' method of interconnects as per the Victron wiring publication. Further DIY the network cabling. Renogy sells a network communication hub so the BT-2 connects to the primary port and one network cable from the 4 Batts to a secondary port. Lugs were primed with 2000 grit, cleaned and torqued to 14nm. The halfway method sees three lugs on two terminals in the bank so aftermarket bolts used and cut to ensure the full 20mm thread depth was retained and all bolts loctited accordingly. Connected to a TS-3000 Meanwell Inverter set at 230v. Finally a Renogy 50a combined DC-DC / Solar Controller is in the network as had this part for a while now.

The supplied activation switch to turn off the storage mode is a brilliant idea to commission the system. Update (18/6), after standing up the bank and having a play, I was able to use the activation supplied dongle and presto all 4 batteries went into shelf mode whilst all connected up. What a hoot of an idea as can save a manual switch. This is a big plus for me to be able to do this.

Using iPhone, all items went through the registration process individually first as per the instructions without issue. However, when opening the app, I do not always get a sum of 400ah registration with sometimes, 300ah and infrequent 200ah therefore total current draw will be the percentage of batteries registered. So always check the battery page first. The home screen reports 3/4 current draw if 300ah is being reported and if 200ah then you get 1/2 current reporting on home screen.

The DC Home app apparently lets you change the name, then save to enhance your home screen. In reality, sometimes the annoying change name popup appears for no reason when pressing to enter the item page, yet any attempt to input a custom name (tried many variables without spaces etc.) will not save the change upon hitting the save button.

On a load test performed twice, one load keeps reporting a low current figure and replicated which cannot be explained.
Truma Ultra Rapid (1415w element) returned 121.55amps on the DC home screen
NCE Microwave (1100w) returned 104.66a
Ultra Rapid and Microwave together reports 223.39a
Truma Comfort Air Conditioner with compressor running showing 57a ??? (This is a near 1000w device after startup)
(I went straight to a thermo gun to meter every lug connection and all reporting the same temps).

The DC home app with the iPhone XR and current firmware and app software appeared to only update randomly but beyond 30 seconds to a minute and most times I had to exit the app and re enter to get a fresh reading due to freezing. I then tried an Android S10 all with current firmware and I was unable to successfully get any readings from the Android DC Home app. Now the batteries are numbered 1 to 4 in the App but there is no capability to identify which physical battery is assigned to the app number. Finally, one of the batts tends to show 3% less capacity than the others but also it is the one that is continually reporting a slightly higher current draw than the others which all operate almost equally. i.e Batt 1 will report 16.44a draw and the other three 15.50a by way of example). Knowing which battery would be great to potentially troubleshoot a connection issue etc.

I'm happy the system works as intended but the iphone DC home app leaves a lot to be desired and like others, the Android side of things is just not possible. The solar controller side of things is brilliant when using the old not supported Renogy BT app as is frequently updating to near live on solar/vehicle inputs.

Hope this helps.
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Yep totally agree the App/BT combo is an absolute pita to use the BT connectivity is very flaky and as you mentioned giving anything device specific names is very much a lottery mine reverts back to the device default mane so often it proved a waste of time.

Mine also regularly fails to connect to one or more devices usually the battery

The app seems to be more focused on a being a pointless bloated social media toy probably harvesting personal info and usage stats etc than a useful tool and I hate it for that reason especially as it keeps demanding an Internet connection/login from time to time before I can even view the bloody hardware I bought from them,

That's about as useful as a chocolate teapot!

I am considering the hub for my controllers etc but hard wired to a RENOGY ONE Core to get rid of the horrid app however I will still be stuck with BT for the battery!

Weirdly the Hubs are out of stock so must be made of unobtainium!