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SodiumWatt. Sodium Ion battery. Anyone heard about these guys?


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Jan 24, 2021
I was just cold emailed from a company called SodiumWatt which seems to be a trademark of Shenzhen Han hailong science and Technology Co., Ltd.

After some conversation they are going to send me 3 sample batteries in a standard 150*99*99 case. 12V 15AH.

Mainly we are interested in the cold weather performance since regular lithium kinda sucks for our outdoor applications.

Here was thier sales pitch

Screenshot 2023-07-17 073951.png
It's not that new a technology. If you are interested in the cold weather performance and have read about the current limitations of capacity and longevity, why not research and find a company that can supply a suitable product yourself?

I (personally) don't understand why anyone would respond to cold emailing from a random unheard of company? Maybe I'm too cynical, but any cold email I receive gets binned immediately.

Edited to add: Maybe I'm having a blonde moment, but what does the graph on the right show ? it seems to be attempting to give voltage and temperature as a function of capacity?

And note the use of their many futuristic words like "great prospect", "forsee that", "will become", "samples to test", "hoping to enter"...
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I am currently reading and learning about this technology as we speak. It seems great for our application. Do you know any other companies I can cross shop with?

We have made many decent business connections from cold emails. Metal works, CNC services, wire harness building, etc. Often its hard to find these very specific Chinese companies so I welcome them emailing me with their products. When they browse our company website and say they can do it cheaper why would I not talk with them? Obviously you need to cross shop and make your terms clear but cold emails have been beneficial for lowering our production costs.
I am currently reading and learning about this technology as we speak. It seems great for our application. Do you know any other companies I can cross shop with?
I really do not know who is assembling packs of sodium ion cells at the moment. I find it unlikely that sodium watt is producing their own cells at this time but who knows. The pack mentioned is a 4s pack as sodium cells have a nominal voltage around 3.1V. This means the operating range of that pack is going to be roughly 8V dead to 16V full. I took a look through the cells I know are on the market and do not have a perfect guess on the cells but if I were to take a stab, its made as a 4s10P pack of Cy 18650 1.5Ah sodium ion cells laid out as 8 rows of 5 cells grouped in sections of 2 rows.

If you are looking for raw cells, I know of a few that are in the production stage and are available.

Jiangsu Transart Sodium Battery:
Brand new manufacturing company for sodium cells. Generally the cells are labeled CY

Current cells from CY I know about in production
NaCr18650-12E 1.2Ah 18650
NaCr18650-15E 1.5Ah 18650
NaCr26700-30E 3Ah 26700
NaCr26700-35E 3.5Ah 26700
71173204E-240Ah 220Ah ESS prismatic 71mm x 173 mm x 204mm
71173204E-220Ah 240Ah ESS prismatic 71mm x 173 mm x 204mm

Jiangsu Highstar Battery
A established smaller LFP and NCM cell producer

NaCR18650-1.3ER 1.3Ah 18650
NaCP50160118-70E3 70Ah prismatic 50mm x 160 mm x70 mm

Hina battery/ Cbak
Another new cell manufacturer targeting EV battery packs. Small cells available now bigger prismatic ones to come later. People claim the below cell is theirs but I'm pretty sure its from cbak

32140-NS 10Ah cylindrical battery 32mm dia x 140mm long

Energy technology
Yet another Chinese start up manufacturer

Na-32205-8Ah 8Ah cylindrical battery 32mm dia x 205mm long
Na-40225-15Ah 15ah cylindrical battery 40mm dia x 225mm long

Dont know much about them tbh

33Ah 60130 cylindrical battery 60mm dia x 130mm long

Lastly there is a 46145 18ah cell out on the market who I do not know the manufacturer of yet. Beside this there are many companies working on producing their own sodium ion cells.