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Jan 8, 2021
Why would you want a stealth solar project? Forums postings might be on the increase that show the "code/grid/AHJ police" are getting more active, and catching or fining (or worse) folks for putting up some solar panels.

What could you possibly even do about this? In my case, I:
1. chose where I live with an eye to not having nosy neighbors, and this also goes a long way towards cutting out visibility to various parties. I'm on 40 forested acres in a very rural county in a western state.
2. go "minimally" legit ... permit, install, and get inspected (and hopefully passed) these minimal systems: a.) septic system, b.) electrical w/ generator. With that done, your permits are "on file" for your address. If somebody were to call in, the AHJ would see permits on file, and hopefully say "nothing to see here, move along".

Now, you can add on with stealth projects, like a greywater for the plumbing side, and a solar energy system (panels, inverter, etc.) for the electrical. Admittedly, I'm off-grid, so there is no grid-tie effort, and I don't have hundreds of panels on the roof (mine are built into the carport).

If you really have to hide your solar panels, because the drone folks or other AHJ types are flying overhead, you may have to go so far as to hide the panels, perhaps with the help of these folks:
solar - stealth - green solar panels.jpg

The article for the above is:

Whenever I look at a county's "permitting process", it's getting more convoluted, involving engineers, certified solar installers, fees, reviews, ties to other constraints ... the list of headaches is getting pretty long. Madness ...

What are the rest of you doing, WRT stealth solar or other such projects?
It’s all about bringing in more tax money to line officials pockets, pay for premium healthcare and retirement benefits, new vehicles with insurance and gas cards. It’s no secret, 416 years of no integrity and accountability in the good ole USA. The greedy corrupt protect and promote each other. Somebody is always listening to everything you say via the pocket computers and watching everything you do via satellite and drones.
I kept my modest system trailer mounted. Not anchored to the ground at all, not affixed to any building. Added a generator transfer switch to the house.

More importantly, I live in an area where folks mind their own business. Rural area, neighborhood is a group of houses surrounded by farmland for miles in every direction. If you're doing something, even if odd(nobody else out here has solar), and it's not bothering someone else, nobody cares. If you're doing something and it's bothering someone else, you'll get a knock on the door and an invite to come have a cup of coffee and talk it over, rather than whiney neighbors calling code enforcement.

My only concern is the tax assessor, who is supposed to go through and inspect properties every few years. They might report me. Rolling the dice on that one.
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I wonder how much these affect efficiency?

Per the website:

"By increasing the amount of light that passes through, the graphene helps increase the output of a panel by 1-2Wwatts."

I'd want to see that proven in real world testing, but if accurate, this might be a fantastic option. Anything from stealth solar, to selling advertising on solar panels, to political messages, to ironic quotes.