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trying to find specs on old panel Photocomm


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Dec 9, 2021
Salish sea, British Columbia
Anyone able to help me find the specs on this panel?
ive searched the waybackmachine to no avail. I can find the company was bought by golden genesis, than bought by kyocera.

anyways its not that important, however someone might recognize the unit and could tell me the specs? I can measure it with a voltmeter/ammeter.

its about 31" square.
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Interesting bit of history. Is that a glass backsheet or clear laminate?
I would say it was glass, the unit is very heavy compared to the 50w solex panels I have.

I tried to test the unit by connecting the positive/negative wires together than read the amps produced with my clamp meter. Got zero amps, in mild sun. Not even 0.2amp or 0.5amps. I ended up taking the back gland apart and now am stuck with an even less useful panel. Not quiet sure how to connect new wires to the silver tape stuff. Needs some tinkering for sure. I have way more important things to do this time of year so not sure when ill poke around with it.

I spent way to much time researching that photocomm company, way back machine, home power magazine ads from 1998. shit like that. good lord.
For planning, One meter square of an 18% panel is 180 watts.

You could use math if you have an SCC and a battery to charge. See how much your one known panel adds compared to stamped output, and use that as the ratio to figure out the marh.