Who's got Victron Black Friday deals? Need a couple inverters


Jan 25, 2021
I've held off hoping for a good sale today. Looking for a great deal on a pair of

Victron 48V MultiPlus-II 5kVA 120V Inverter – 70A Chargers

Depends on where you are located - are you in the US?
Also looking to buy but haven’t seen any deals worth jumping on.
The best price I found for what I was looking for was from https://rvsolarconnections.com/ they had 10% off and free shipping on the 2 inverters I was looking for. https://www.solar-electric.com/ or NAZ had 8% off without free shipping and https://www.currentconnected.com/ would have matched it. I decided to keep waiting as I'm not quite ready for them but if the deal was good enough I would have jumped on it. In the end I'll most likely go with https://www.currentconnected.com/ for the extra warranty and amazing service.