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  • Post in thread: Utility jerking me around.

    All these discussions make me so glad I stuck with off-grid with grid backup, keeping the electric company out of my business 😎
  • Post in thread: December PV starting off crappy again.

    Finally - with the days slowly getting longer, the sun rising higher in the sky, and some creative rearrangement of my backyard panels - even transplanting a small palm tree - as of three days ago I'm no longer needing to supplement the solar with any grid power at all. Woo-hoo! 🥳
  • Post in thread: How big of a solar panel array do you guys call adaquate?

    I don’t feel there’s much sense in even doing a PV to battery ratio, but rather PV to load consumption ratio. Ensure you have at least sufficient PV to pull in enough power on a daily basis to cover your loads over a 24 hour period (plus enough to cover efficiency losses and some amount of...
  • Post in thread: One Hundred Thousand!

    Yeah there’s an amazing difference between the discussions here and the comments on Facebook posts in the diy solar groups. The people in this place are so much more friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Very few trolls 😎
  • Post in thread: EG4 12Kpv Prototype at Intersolar

    AKA EG4 8000XP or probably more like 10kPV - lol
  • Post in thread: Victron is Over-priced Eurotrash. Why would anybody buy Victron over an AiO?

    Ha - like a drug dealer’s free sample ?
  • Post in thread: EG4 12Kpv Prototype at Intersolar

    Makes me think of all the obvious typos I see on a regular basis even in news stories from major outlets... Our English teachers must be so frustrated ;)
  • Post in thread: Santan solar deal

    Just had 10 of the 370W NE Solar panels delivered from Signature Solar today. Very nice packing job - no damage ??
  • Post in thread: 6000XP Settings for bypass

    The best way I have found is this: 1) Enable Battery ECO mode 2) In the Discharge Settings section, set the On Grid EOD SOC% to 90%, which is the highest threshold it will accept. 3) Set the AC Charge End Battery SOC to like 2% lower - like 88% 4) Set the AC Charge Start Batter SOC to slightly...
  • Post in thread: Victron is Over-priced Eurotrash. Why would anybody buy Victron over an AiO?

    I don’t have any other Victron stuff but I do love the Lynx Power In - great compact set of well protected bus bars 😎
  • Post in thread: Is it common to lose 10 percent to your shunt compared to AIO input?

    True in a way - but the advantages for me more than offset the downside of losing a couple of kWh a day to efficiency losses. Going to be quite a long time before those efficiency losses are going to add up to spending 2-3X more for the equipment. Plus, in my case I'm getting more than enough...
  • Post in thread: How big of a solar panel array do you guys call adaquate?

    The way I look at it, if my array isn't large enough to charge the batteries to either full or at least more than where they started when the sun went down the night before, it's too small. Mine fully charge every day (at least from Feb through October).
  • Post in thread: EG4 6000XP Released, ordered. Let's Go!

    Wow - just did all I could think of to make it fail. I maxed out the loads on the inverter up to ~95% of the capacity, with the solar cut off so the only power it had available was battery and grid. At 95% the inverter was still running purely off the battery power. Then I kicked on the dryer...
  • Post in thread: Victron is Over-priced Eurotrash. Why would anybody buy Victron over an AiO?

    I’m not a Victron guy (yet) but got the Lynx Power In for two reasons: 1) with the limited space I have for my equipment it saves space on the wall vs having positive and negative bus bars mounted separately. 2) one thing I really like about it is better protection from accidentally touching the...
  • Post in thread: EG4 6000XP Released, ordered. Let's Go!

    I have one on order from Current Connected. I do plan to use Solar Assistant with it - I'll report back on how it goes. I may be wrong but it appears that with the LuxPower units like this one and the 18kpv - that you might be able to use both SA and the EG4 monitoring system simultaneously...
  • Post in thread: What was your worse DIY solar mistake ever?

    My biggest mistake was starting too small. First an energizer solar generator from Costco. Then the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max with 2 expansion batteries and portable panels. Then the EG4 3k. Currently using the 6000xp with proper ground mounted rigid panels and planning to add a second 6000xp. I would...
  • Post in thread: Overloading EG4 6000xp Legs

    #3 (sort of). It will switch to pure bypass mode until the load is less than the inverter capacity for a few minutes - then it will switch back to running the loads off the inverter. I have a 6000xp and it does exactly this when I turn on the dryer.
  • Post in thread: Mega Mega Fuse

    Got this from someone's Facebook post. Anyone need a fuse this big for your battery rack? Oh sorry - don't see a DC rating... LOL
  • Post in thread: Pics of 6000XP internals

    Someone accidentally destroyed their 6000XP and decided to disassemble it and shared pics…
  • Post in thread: How to connect Victron stuff for communication?

    Looks like you have all the answers you need, but Will made a nice video on hooking up the Victron communications. Sharing in case you find it helpful...
  • Post in thread: What determines your battery-inverter bus bar size?

    Personally I really prefer the Victron Lynx Power In. 2x1000amp bus bars in a single enclosure with very good protection. Takes up less space on the wall, too ;)
  • Post in thread: Sollega Ballast Ground Mounts (Iron Ridge Supplier)

    Yeah I love mine - great solution for my backyard array here in Arizona. Used them to mount all my 370 watt NE panels. I just put several 50 pound sand bags inside each. Even during high wind monsoon storms they haven’t budged at all. I only wish they supported panels that were a bit wider...
  • Post in thread: EG4 6000XP Released, ordered. Let's Go!

    Just received my 6000XP today from CC (well it shipped from Signature Solar - not sure what that arrangement is). Swapped out my 3000 EHV for this one. Slogged my way through the initial setup and configuration but so far so good. Have the EG4 and SA monitoring setup and working. Have it...
  • Post in thread: Victron is Over-priced Eurotrash. Why would anybody buy Victron over an AiO?

    This certainly reminds me of the “religious” debates re: Windows vs Mac vs Linux, etc. Seems like the people who feel Victron is worth the money and those who feel it is not have all made their points and counter points and no one is going to change their mind - lol.
  • Post in thread: Dual EG4 6000XP Wiring (please review)

    Yes - works great. When I go over the inverter capacity it handles the surge for a few seconds and then seamlessly switches to grid bypass. Once the load demand goes back down then after a few minutes it switches back to running off the inverter.
  • Post in thread: EG4 6000XP MPPT unclear specs

    Excellent - thank you for the confirmation/clarification. The manual section in question is page 10 in the 1.1.7 PDF version, or page 11 in the 1.0.0 printed manual that came with my inverter. See the below table from that page in the manual:
  • Post in thread: 6000XP -PV volts v.s. Watts incoming power

    If I'm not mistaken, the total shown there in the energy overview section for "Battery" is likely the total discharge power from the batteries. When you say the total kWh you have generated, it is tempting to just look at the solar production number, but if you are constantly running in...
  • Post in thread: Victron is Over-priced Eurotrash. Why would anybody buy Victron over an AiO?

    @HighTechLab - you should add that to the banner on your site - “We Don’t Suck” 😎
  • Post in thread: Which all in one system has the fewest software issues?

    You do have the option to monitor only with Solar Assistant and do all your configuration from the LCD screen. For myself, I use both on occasion as Solar Assistant does allow you to change some of the settings remotely, but not every configuration option on the inverter is available through SA.