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  • Replacing batteries on my solar system

    My batteries have recently failed testing after being taken back under warranty, and now I have to pay to get them shipped back to me, which is pretty pointless as they’re not holding charge so I’m in the market for a new battery bank. I had 5 110 ah ‘solarflex’ sealed 12v batteries and one...
  • Battery Advice Wanted!

    Hi all, My knowledge on this stuff is very limited, I don’t understand how to do the equations to calculate exactly what I need so I thought if I just overestimate everything I should be fine for a long time. Wrong. Where there is now just the one battery powering my LED light and a 5v USB...
  • Which battery’s for daily use

    Hi, I’m finally adding new battery’s to my system (5 x 100w solar panels in series with photonic universe 150 v solar controller) and having wasted quite a lot of money last time buying batteries that weren’t fit for the job I’m hoping to get some expert advice on what to go for this time. My...