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    Add a smoke detector to your system they are cheap and worth having So yesterday I heard my smoke detector going off, ( for like 2 or 3 sec then stopped ) its in the underbelly of my RV right above my charge controller and next to my inverter, kind of above all the components. I looked in and...
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    I forgot Craiglist was still around LOL, ever since they kicked off the hookers kind of lost interest
  • Post in thread: Fangpusun makes counterfeit Victron, Outback & others

    ok something to remember, when a company has their products made in china they are making a deal with the devil , meaning China will make your stuff then copy it and start to compete against you. Everyone should know China does not care about copyrighted items... this should come as no surprise
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    we are on generator # 5
  • Post in thread: How do I stop someone following me?

    crazy Ivan
  • Post in thread: my experience with a battery vendor

    Not sure if this is the right Forum, but I will admit when I have a problem with a supplier or vendor I can be the 1st to complain and hold them to their word. But I also like to go out of my way when I feel I have good service, be it at a restaurant ( server ) or buying online. So I wanted to...
  • Post in thread: trailer mounted system

    So I'm building this trailer-mounted system, been tossing around the idea for a few years. Then I saw Will's video and found myself with some time off of work. So I needed to do something to keep me busy. It's 90% complete and I've been testing it on our Cabin deep well system ( 2 HP pump @ 850...
  • Post in thread: DIY BATTERY HEATING SYSTEM...Update

    closer up pics would be cool. also, I just did an artic insulation cover for mine. meaning the battery has heaters but being the temps inside my enclosed trailer reach 10 to 15F right now the heaters are not turning off all night. So I used a canvas cover and the shipping foam pads the battery...
  • Post in thread: angled solar panels to increase power. Verticle vs flat?

    WOW maybe I'm off here, but flat is always way less power, now panels are cheap and if you want to put up more than you need then flat is easier. In my experience this past summer I have flat panels on my RV and during summer I am seeing about 20% less power than panels are rated for in the...
  • Post in thread: My Dometic RV fridge is sucking my batteries dry and I can't determine why?!

    just reading the title: tell the kids to shut the door !
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    HUH ? Someone has their panties in a bunch... I said there where a good company which they have been in my experience but lately their tech support has not been responsive. that doesn't at this point make them a bad company in my option so YA they can still be a good company that may or may not...
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    i use my generator 10 hours a week for the past 15 years, we on # 5 generator now. but we use it for pumping water , house is on solar and battery but need to pump up the 1500 gallon sistern water tank one or twice a week
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    50 amp 4 wire , should be = 1 ground wire ( green ) 1- 120 volt hot ( black ) 1-120 volt hot ( red ) , 1- neutral wire( white ) . not sure what your asking . should be the output on your MPPsolar inverter. now if it's a 120-volt only model and not 220 . If you still want your 220 outlets your...
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    Love that channel too, maybe we can get him to do some solar / battery testing , etc
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    Ya I let them know I wasn't really happy with the order process. Same as you show in stock, you buy it, pay for it then it shows backorder. From my experience normally doesn't take them too long to get more ( I had the same happen with an inverter, then it shipped the next week ) . But they...
  • Post in thread: Growatt 5kW Split Phase Transformer

    LOL I like it , also showing ser #
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    ill post a picture but they are crimped lugs, I think I just had bare wire in before
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    Ya cant say . something you need to test , start with a volt amp meter .. good luck
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    WOW, are you kidding me you don't understand what I said? having something affixed to your property means attached to your house OR permit affixture to your land like cemented into the ground. The ground mount system that I posted a picture of in my post above showing an example was attached...
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    also, check this out, its a trailer so its consider a vehicle no code inspection... plugs in just like a generator ( this is just another example ) see picture. oh and it has a pass-through generator Ampster look a circuit connected to our house without adding it as affixed
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    Dont panic yet, when some liPo battery disconnect you will still see like 5 volts but they are at 10 volts most of the time , the BMS lets 5 volts read out for what ever reason. put a another 12 volt battery on it to wake it up ( force it back up above 10 volts ) then put your normal charge on...
  • Post in thread: Are there any decent lower cost controller alternatives than Victron?

    This lack of Bluetooth & being able to access the menus of these devices is a pretty common problem, you would think that a 3rd party company could come up with a product to interface with a lot of these devices and allow Bluetooth and more control. That would be a big hit and a product I would...
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    No your right . The higher voltage you can do on your battery and inverter end the better. I got half way through my build before I realized how big I was going to go. But all my other projects are 48 volt and I'm much happier with it
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    hmm place it on Ebay so WE can have buyer protection incase you rip us off FYI you keep posting this everytime I ask you about why you wont place on Ebay or other auction site And the person that vouched for you is also new and joined within days of you, which was this year see this same thread...
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    LOL now Im following you
  • Post in thread: weird issue with low battery the other night

    LOL where do I start .... of course, I have A BMS I have 5 BMS,s each battery ( battle born ) has a built-in BMS.. the reason I talked about the inverter dropping out at 511 AH in , and me still having DC power is because the power leaves the battery ( going threw the built-in BMS ) and goes to...
  • Post in thread: UFO Batteries????

    I can't say anything bad about any of these ( limited knowledge ) But I will say Trophy battery is where I got my 48-volt server rack battery and the guy that runs that shop has been great. I emailed him with questions over a weekend and the guy called me direct and gave me his cell # and told...
  • Post in thread: need some help with 8kw growatt low frq inverter

    got it working ( great ) with the mid-size inverter generator ( pulsar 3700/4500 ) but does not like the honda 2200I
  • Post in thread: growatt auto transformer

    yep sounds like it , you and the person that vouched for you on this site both joined this year within days of each other ( if your not the same people )