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diy solar

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  • My adventures building a Zinc-Iodine battery

    Welcome to my adventure building a Zinc-Iodine battery All experiments carried out from #100 are now shared publicly ( The experiment_summary excel file contains a summary of all important variables in the experiments...
  • My adventures building a Zinc-Bromine battery

    Hi Guys, My name is Daniel, I am a chemist with a passion for battery technology and currently trying to build a highly efficient Zinc-Bromine battery at home using readily available materials. I have a blog where you can follow my progress ( I am using a DIY USB...
  • My adventures building a DIY Mn/Fe flow battery

    I have decided to start doing some experiments to create a Mn/Fe flow battery. I will post links to blog posts on this thread as I write them. Questions are welcome.
  • My adventures building a Zn-MnO2 battery

    After looking at Zn-halide chemistries and running into big road blocks with both Zn-I and Zn-Br batteries, I have decided to explore the world of Zn-MnO2 batteries. Especially, mildly acidic rechargeable Zn-MnO2 chemistries. These batteries use very earth abundant elements and very low cost...
  • My adventures building a DIY Zn/I flow battery

    After all the adventures trying to build the Mn-Fe flow battery, I have now shifted to a Zn-I flow battery. Since I now have a full setup to actually test flow batteries, I have arrived at this chemistry after testing several other alternatives. You can see some of my experimental results on my...