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  • Hello, awesome diagrams. Have you looked into the EG4 6000EX inverters as to neutral-ground bonding? I have 2 in parallel (I have a email to SS to find out if these units are bonded as well)totally off grid and have generator as back up. Just wondering what are my options, I just installed these units 2 weeks ago replacing Growatt SPF5000ES. Had to get rid of that auto-transformer. Not totally finished.



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    Please post this in the general discussion forum. (I prefer tech discussions take place there)
    BTW: Please PM me with a link to the thread.
    Just printed out your Grounding and Bonding document and my system is shown in either 6a or 6b. My question is - Why run the ground wires that do not actually connect to anything in the critical load box? Is this something inspectors want to see and you just put a wire nut at the end or? Really SUPER diagrams and helpful information, just this one issue puzzles me.
    I am a newbie to blogs in general and to this site. Also, I know zip, nada, nothing about solar power set ups. This looks to be a great site however for me to learn. So, how do I get started here?

    Question 1. How do I post a question or comment?

    Question 2. I want to recharge my electric car using a solar panel system rather than plugging it into the power grid. What do you recommend?

    Larry aka TheLarDog
    Thank you for looking at it. Do I set each charge controller to 12V LI and just let them do their thing or is there something I should charge?
    Hey see your still up, have question about batteries just purchased at the new Houston, Tx company, picked up 16 Catl 302ah and the website says Lifepo4, the spec sheet they sent me says Lithium Ion, to best of your knowledge are the Catl 302ah Lifepo4? Didn't want to go public with this question, Joe.
    Thanks for the assistance! It’s good to have people out there willing to help teach!
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    I found this on Amazon in reference to grounding

    Xijia 3000W​

    Can the battery negative and ac neutral both be safely terminated to ground?
    Yes,it is.
    By XIJIA seller on March 4, 2021
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