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  • Theses no other way to go (DIY LifePo4)

    This is just to celebrate how good these things work. I had SLA bank I replaced a week ago. You just can't beat them. No more generator! No more worries!
  • Where to get Class T Fuses

    Hello. I'm having a tough time obtaining Class T Fuses. I ordered them from Amazon and the order was never fulfilled. I have now ordered them from an electrical supply store but something is happening to that order. Are there shortages? Any ideas? Thanks
  • Batrium.... One cell

    I just expanded my system with another 16s bank. I have one cell, #43 of 48 that will jump up or down radically. The entire collection of banks is working well. I have had any problems yet, but this does worry me. Is this a blemished terminal thing? Or a greater problem? Thanks.
  • Gr00ldude48 - beware!

    I bought from this guy a couple times. Last time though, in Sept 2022- he never sent me the BMSs I purchased. I wired him $346 and now he's ghosting me. POS.
  • Batrium Shunt

    Perhaps a rookie question.... I have a pretty sweet Lifepo4 battery cart as I prepare for the replacement of my horrible SLA bank. I'm running Batrium with the Watchmon Core, (2) K9s, and shuntmon. Shuntmon appears to be good, but doesn't show a charge. I'm just using a benchtop charger to...
  • Different Amp Hour Banks....

    Question.... I'm making a "battery cart", my intent is to make 3 of these when I'm complete. As I put this together, I have two strings of 16S/280AH. I was worried about size/room/weight, so my third string (of this first cart) is 100AH. I've watched vids on youtube where this seems to be...
  • Schneider XW Pro 6848

    Hello all, Loking for help! I have 2 Schneider XWs with a bank of lead acids I need to replace. I'm just begining this DIY LifePo4 process, built a 12 pack for another system as a means to educate myself. Now I'm preparing to go big and build 2 16S packs, maybe a total of 6 down the road. It...