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    Bluetti AC200P, RIP. What can I scavenge from this unit for a layperson? thanks!

    That looks like some sort of anderson type connector. Can you feed it some power through that and see if the batteries take a charge? If they do and the BMS proves to be working then it seems like taking out the extraneous plastic and just using the plug in Picture-4 would be the easiest way...
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    MPPT Charge Controller

    Somehow I missed it when I was doing my search. Post has been updated. Good catch!
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    MPPT Charge Controller

    The Victron is listed as a 60a SCC, and I was trying to get a broad comparison of 60a units as a rough reference line.
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    MPPT Charge Controller

    Well, let's see what a 60a controller runs roughly: Morningstar 60A is just shy of $700 Victron Tr250 is about $640 Victron Tr150 is about $400 Midnite Solar MNMPPT60DIY is a good higher-mid range price at $435 MPP Solar PCM60x is a bit pricy at $300 EPEver 60a is about $230 and is a very...
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    100ah vs. 200ah

    2x 100ah give you some redundancy, single battery is easier to pack. Cost wise I think the 2x batts are a little cheaper usually. If I had the space I'd lean towards the dual batteries for redundancy. At least then I can still power things while I'm waiting on a new battery to arrive in the mail.
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    MPPT Charge Controller

    Personally I prefer the mid-range units like the EPEver's and HQST and such, although my current two are the PowMr's because I didn't know better at the time and I was on a budget. They're working so far but I bought a HQST for my next project since I needed a little one anyways. I've just...
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    MPPT Charge Controller

    Well your VoC is 22.4v so with your 2s/3p setup you're running 44.8v and 28a to your controller. Even if you rewired it up to be a 3s/2p setup you're still well within the voltage range of pretty much any decent MPPT controller. The only issue is that most controllers are limited on how much...
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    MPPT Charge Controller

    Yes, the charge controller should auto-detect the battery voltage and set itself for that. The panels can be any voltage up to the limit of the controller and it will do it's own magic and convert that to the 12v system. You'll probably get a bit more power through the day by doing the series...
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    I need help

    Well, I'll start the default answer to these questions and we can work from there. Here's you To-Do list: 1: Power audit! This will give you some important information on how big your inverter needs to be as well as how much battery capacity you'll need. There is a link in the FAQ section (I...
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    Adapter for using normal 16awg extension cord 110v-120v for solar?

    If this is going to be a semi/permanent install, you could just re-head the extension cord too.
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    Adapter for using normal 16awg extension cord 110v-120v for solar?

    As long as you get your polarity right on the spades there's nothing stopping you at all. It's just another adapter, although a much more convenient one for most homeowners. :) Would you need to do a nema -> MC4 for the charge controller? Most of those are just screw terminals so you'd just...
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    Nature Power 215-Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel - feedback please

    $154?!?!? Take it and run!!! I don't have that option at my Home Depot. :(
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    Too ignorant to know what I don't know???

    Something else to think about is that some of those regulation issues might come into play as you may very well be required to use a licensed electrician to install and connect those to the grid. There have been a few threads trying to find an electrician that will A: install your panels and B...
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    Which panel to for my Solar Suitcases: Newpowa or Nature Power?

    How many panels are you planning to use? PWM or MPPT? What's your sunlight situation? Series or parallel? If you're going single panel or parallel go for the NewPowa as the max current is higher, If you're going for series and MPPT get the Nature Power as it has more voltage range for the...
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    I'm having an idea for off-grid heat... doodle check?

    Yeah, I've already got two of those units installed at my camp, a third as a "Cold Spare" in a toolbox, and a set of extra parts (gaskets, glow plugs, etc) with the allen wrenches and screwdrivers it takes to open them up. The entire Appendix B of my camp's user manual is a step-by-step with...