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    Will please answer this question regarding your recent video...

    Do you really thank the utility doesn’t have input on the rules and planning process? How can any rule be written without an industry’s input and you can bet the companies that fit the Criteria make sure there equipment will be need and used, like Victron which is quite expensive. They had...
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    Why you cannot charge LiFePO4 below 0 degrees Celsius

    Evolving doesn’t mean it is available on the open market in mass quantities.
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    newbie questions, solar/lithium in a 5th wheel, where to start?

    Get wills book and view all his videos. There are a lot cheaper ways then victron, but if you have the money to burn, go for it.
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    Sol-Ark problems by David Poz.. anyone else?

    You have to pay for EMP hardenin, it doesn't come that way and yes it could take a hit from EMP. blast. But you can forget about the BMS on the battery. But countries now have EMP WEAPONRY and it will not survive that.
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    Parallel connecting four 48v 100AH batteries - cables or busbar

    I WOULD NOT BELEIVE ANYTHING THIS GUY SAYES AFTER WATCHING HIM TOUCH A LIVE CIRCUIT. Amp’s kill, .5 amp’s will put you in the ground, There is no reason to touch a live circuit, if you have any questions how about talking to a master electrician when it comes to the panel. This fool in...
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    Design Review - Growatt SPF 5000 ES Grid Backup & Neutral Bonding

    All these Acronyms in this thread makes it difficult to follow, on a DIY it needs to be spelled out.
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    Issue with Growatt SPF 5000 ES

    The company that builds it is all that matters, If 18 amps os a hard limit then the amps is the problem. Basically you are redlining the inverter and it will prematurely fail, stay within the guidelines and you will be fine. The fact that it is dropping mid day tells you it is the AMP's.
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    Parallel connecting four 48v 100AH batteries - cables or busbar manual states: section 2.2 you need bus Bar to ensure study even current flow between multiple batteries.
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    Parallel connecting four 48v 100AH batteries - cables or busbar

    Orderef mine last week and if you think you could DIY it it would cosr $150 more.not including shipping costs from all the vendors
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    Ethics and policy - would it be fine charging your 5kwh battery at a school/public library?

    You know that is Theft and you know it is wrong. That would be like me comi g to your house and doing the same thing. 🤣🤣🤣
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    Future of DIY LiFePO4 looks bleak…

    That is what Victron does, which is why I did not use them. Good equipment, but expensive
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    Future of DIY LiFePO4 looks bleak…

    When I priced out building a rack exactly like the one for the EG4 battery it would cost about $150 more, In fact there is a YouTube video showing the same thing. Again shipping from all the sources is not included in the price.
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    NEWS: Florida legislature considers ending solar net metering (Nov.23.2021)

    You were, people just get off track. I went to solar for stability and do not intend to do net metering. None of those gimmicks are long term. People need to remember that contract are with the electric company not the state. The state can change rules, shorten and void contracts...