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    Pre-charge resistor seems crazy

    For my boat build I purchased the rec bms precharge contactor controller. Simple to setup and wire. Popped it open and it's coated inside to avoid corrosion as well as having some vibration reduction silicone on some components.
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    Bus connections for my new pack build

    I've been futzing around with how to build the pack in my sailboat. I had the idea to use copper 101 bus bars last time, but trying to drill them in a decent manner without my drill press (Boat is 2600miles from my house) was painful. I didn't like the results. So, I'm doing round 2 and I am...
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    DC to DC chargers and Isolators

    With two AGM/FLA banks and a Lithium bank... I would buy two DC-DC chargers. With the victrons you can set them to detect when the engine is running so you get the same behavior as using the isolator. You could still use isolators if you wanted to charge both lead banks from the engines - the...
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    Am I crazy to put a 1760W solar system on my RV?

    Nice. I just got some 530w panels for my boat. I mention it, as you were one of the first to highlight the newer panels that were coming out to me. Thanks for that!
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    RPi Internet and Victron Monitoring

    @Mike Jordan I believe there is a ui config option to make it run the screen. I've only used mine headless. @Dzl The GPS populates the dashboard and there are some tracks added there as well. You can also add some alarm based rules using longitude and latitude so that if it changes you'll get...
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    "New" Sailboat Build

    Quattro is mounted and has A/C In/Out - easy since it was already wired for an inverter. It's talking happily over ve.can with my cerbo GX. I'm just about ready to start building out the battery pack. - I have copper 101 bars to cut and drill, and then I need to get mounting sorted. Today I've...
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    "New" Sailboat Build

    Friday, I drove to SanTan Solar in Georgia. There I picked up three 530w solar panels! These things are epic. I am installing a dedicated 100/20 controller per panel. This should optimize charging for the usual sailboat issues. Each of them will be linked to my cerbo gx via (aka rs-232...
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    Load numbers for marine air A/C systems?

    I ended up getting a Velair 16k. The load numbers are impressive.
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    "New" Sailboat Build

    I've got an OrionBMS Jr on the way, decided to go with a Cerbo GX for the canbus integration AND so I can add tank monitoring. Of course I still had to get another friggin usb-mk3 so I can update firmware and easily run ve.configure.
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    How many brackets for RV roof mount?

    DAMMIT. Somehow I never thought of this. I would probably use carbon reinforced filament, but that is purely my opinion. Please put that up on thingaverse so it's easy to find!
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    "New" Sailboat Build

    Sweet. I got tracking numbers today for fedex. Cells should arrive in time for my boat working session later this month!
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    "New" Sailboat Build

    On the grill front (Important to me!) I'm going with the Weber Q1400. Same electric bits but heats faster since it's smaller. I think it'll be more efficient overall. Batteries are still waiting unloading... hopefully they ship in the US next week. On the BMS side, I'm making progress. I'm...
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    "New" Sailboat Build

    Sweet, quattro 5000 is happening. Between that and the soft start variable air conditioner, this should minimize load balancing games on the boat.
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    "New" Sailboat Build

    Some decisions have been made! I've decided that I want a bit more than 3kw on the boat, I'm aiming for a 5000VA inverter this time. It'll be either a quattro or a multiplus, depending on what kind of deal I can find. This means I'm opting for 24v to keep amperage on the battery wiring run...