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    battery terminal connectors

    Thinking about upgrading my battery terminal connectors... I am using 1,4 & 8 ga wires. Looking for a clamp that I can put all in with just stripping the ends. Should I stay away from these types of connectors and stick with the crimp on? Just wondering what people are using and any...
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    Thyristor protection

    Hello, I'm having a problem with burning Thyristors when there's a storm ( Power failure ) Fuses before the 6RA70 converters are recommended, gS. Occasionally, fuses, as well as thyristors, burn. Fuses are simple and quick to change, whereas thyristors require more time and delays. On the...
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    STM8S207R8T6 problem

    Good day, everyone. I'm seeking the HEX file for the HTRC B6 V2 charger, but Google Uncle isn't helping; the charger can't read the file. It's hex because it's encrypted; at the very least, I can't read it. The message "device is protected" appeared on my screen. Procku STM8S207R8T6 is the...
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    Color Code of Resistor

    Hey, guys! I created a resistor program that calculates resistance from colors, but I'm not sure how to convert resistance to color. Can you assist me with putting this together? For example, if I enter 100 ohms and a 5% tolerance, the hues brown, black, brown, and gold appear.
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    Calculating Values for PN2222A LED Circuit

    I'm gonna be adding an IR LED to my Arduino Uno and I'm trying to wrap my head around the math used to figure out the exact resistor values needed to use a PN2222A transistor to drive the LED. I know my LED has a voltage drop of 1.35V and I want to run it at 100mA and that I'll be supplying it...
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    Parallel charging of LiPo batteries

    For several of my projects, I'm going to develop a 5v backup power supply. I have a total of 12 Lipo batteries, each with a 10Ah capacity. All of the cells are brand new and have been charged and discharged five times. So I wired them all up in series (1S12P; 3.7v, 120Ah) and used a boost...
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    357/LR44 battery

    Can somebody tell me how the silver oxide 357 size button cell batteries compare in terms of run time to LR44 button cell alkalines? (For example, in something like a Pelican L1) Is there a difference in run-time between silver oxide and alkaline? I noticed a notable boost in brightness when I...
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    Getting started with STM32F103RET6 programming

    Hi everyone. I'm new in the STM32 world, though I've made a lot of projects with both pics and AVR's. So I've bought the STM32F103RET6 stamp, but I really don't know where to start! I know the programming language is C, but I don't know which IDE to use! I've heard about Ride7? Then I've also...
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    Backup battery Installation

    Hey, guys! I want to install a backup battery in a vehicle so that I may use one battery to run the radios and other electronics all the time and not drain the primary battery. I've looked through the forums but haven't found any information on how to achieve this. I'd appreciate it if...