diy solar

diy solar

All in One System Installed in Box Truck RV (15kWh SOK 48V, MPP Solar 6.5kW LV6548, 4-2 Combiner Box, 1400W Panels)


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Oct 6, 2020
I'm hoping this is OK to post here, as the value Solar / Battery Generator set up accounts for a large part of what I'm asking for in total. [Consider the Van itself as a GREAT bargain, considering the mileage.]

LOW MILEAGE, Self-sustaining Urban Stealth SOLAR BEAST (Dogmobile) Camper/Mobile Workshop
Located in Golden Gate, FL
VIN: 1FDKE30H0THB50337

1996 Ford E350 Dually Box Truck Built originally out as work truck, now RV.
35,500mi (Owned / Maintained by City of Lakeland for most of her life)
351 Windsor V8 Small Block Engine - HIGHLY reliable

Heavy equipment cabinetry & outlets throughout
Full Size Tool Box
Ottoman / Couch / Bed (with side sleeper for dogs)


***PANELS, BATTERIES AND INVERTER VALUED AT ~$10,000 with shipping when New***
1400W Roof Solar, with 15kWh Battery Bank
MPP Solar 6.5kW LV6548 120V/240V SPLIT PHASE inverter
4-2 combiner box
***3 x 5kWh SOK 48V Batteries

30 Amp RV plug
Overhead AC (13000btu)
Portable A/C (8000btu) w/ remote


-Indoor Shower (Wet Bath)
-Composting Toilet
-Hideaway Sink (countertop is flat)
-30 gal Water tank (A/C Water heater)
-24 gal Black Tank
-4.5 cu. Ft Fridge, plus 52 quart AC/DC Fridge
-Induction Cooktop

0.7 cuft/700W Microwave
GoalZero 400 + 800Wh workstation
13-Inch LED 1080P HDTV with adjustable mount

Rear 600lb retractable (boat) ramp and stowable step
Rear Awning
Underside ladder storage (Left side) + unused rack (I put dog fencing here)
Water cooler on back to complete stealthiness.
4 Side (Rear, Left, Right, Inside) Camera System
Front Passenger Dog Step and Bed (Front seat available to quickly restore passenger seating)

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Sorry - got sidetracked. Pics are up now. (THANK YOU for chiming in...

A shot of 1 of the batteries:
IMG_3580 Klein.jpeg

I can post pics of how I've mounted them, of course. I've been going more with the angle of selling the *Van* that is solar equipped (vs. a battery system) so I didn't take detailed pics of the batteries yet.

Man, I hope so. I was running the engine the other day and fixed an issue with one of the cameras after no having spend much time in the truck lately, and was like, "Man, this is a bad ass vehicle!!!" LOL

It's a good candidate for an electric conversion.
Raise the box floor 12" and put in a full level of cells.
This would be an EV with respectable range.
It's a good candidate for an electric conversion.
Raise the box floor 12" and put in a full level of cells.
This would be an EV with respectable range.
Maybe, but I suspect that would quickly exceed the GVWR. It’s loaded up with some really high quality cabinetry (IMO) - I’m not sure what kind of wood it is, but it’s held up extraordinarily well. OTOH, from the cabinet labels when I bought it, it was used to carry some pretty heavy electrical equipment.