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diy solar

Better to run separate solar charge controllers for different panels vs 1 bigger unit?


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Apr 10, 2024
Kansas City
I am planning/building out my power system on a new camper and am wondering what would work better for my setup.

Setup(to start) will be:
  • EG4 Lifepower4 12v 400ah battery(already have this).
  • 2x yuma cigs 200w panels
  • 2x yuma cigs 100w panels (choosing these 4 panels due to weight and good review from hobotech for partially shaded performance. They are going on the top of a pop up truck camper so I can't use traditional panels without burning out the lift motors.. But if someone has a better option that is light weight I am all ears).
  • Portable bluetti PV420 solar panel(for supplemental solar as needed)

My question comes down to which solar charge controller setup to go with. If I did my maths right, the total input for the 4x yuma panels will be 96v and 20 amps. So if I add the 400w bluetti to that it would be an additional 44.3v and 12.2 amps.

So is it better to go with a single Victron 150v/60a charge controller? Or run dual units sized at like 100/30 and a 75/15?

I also plan to eventually add a dc-dc charger from truck alternator, and then naturally an inverter if it matters.
My guess would be 3 MPPTs.

The three sets of panels will likely be mismatched.

The math can be done off the “mismatched panel” link in my signature block.
Awesome. Thanks for the link and explanation. Three it is! I'm glad I asked cause I was thinking it was 2, but I would have been losing efficiency if I did.
Separate MPPT especially if you have panels not all lined up in the same orientation to the sun.

You would then have an option to optimize some panels for morning sun and others for afternoon.

diy solar

diy solar