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Building a LiFePo4 battery to work with a SunSynk hybrid ECCO 5kw inverter.


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May 30, 2022
If I use a JBD 200A 48v BMS along with 16x 280Ah EVE LiFePo4 cells, will it talk to a Sunsynk ECCO 5kw hybrid inverter? I assume it has to pretend to be a Pylontech?

Using 280Ah cells means it won't be a standard Pylontech battery type, so will that be a problem?

I really want to build a battery with around 14-15kWh of storage and using 280Ah cells means just one big battery unit instead of 3 smaller capacity units in series, so less BMS's and case hardware to buy.

I'm assuming a 200A BMS will be more than man enough for a 5kw inverter, which has a max battery current of 120A in and out.

In the UK, 16x 280Ah grade A EVE cells and a JBD 200A BMS will cost about £2500 plus a case, wiring, connectors, circuit breaker etc, so hopefully £2750 ish for 14kWh. Seems like a great deal, IF it works properly with a SunSynk inverter!

no it will not talk to the sunsynk.
there are a bunch of bms's that do, both commercial ( pacebms, seplos bms and i believe jbd is commning out with a server and a full diy solution ( diybms by stewart pittaway)