Can two inverter get connected to the same battery bank?


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Nov 16, 2019
I have a 24v battery bank around 30kwh. I have been using Mpp Solar’s LV 2424- MSD connected to it and it has been working great for years. This inverter is 2500w and it is no longer enough for my needs. I also have another 24v inverter that I was using for a smaller battery bank this is also from MPP Solar PIP2724LV-MR. To my knowledge these two inverters unfortunately cannot be parallel connected via their kit to increase the total wattage of the output of the inverters.

My question is: Can I hook up this second inverter PIP2724LV-MR to my existing battery bank alongside my LV 2424- MSD ? So that I can share the loads between two inverters.
Will there be any problem or is it dangerous to do so?

Thanks for your input in advance.
I am running two different 24 inverters off one bank..the multi+ is wired to a proper panel ..the 1200/24 Phoenix runs to a small distribution box and is used for small A/C unit in summer or weird stuff and is not connected to the multi
they worked great all summer …I didn’t get shocked even once or blow anything up…?

The only thing I’m not certain about ,that you “may“ face too , is what to do about the neutral / ground bond On the two seperate units.. The single multi+unit is internal self switching if hooked to outside AC source….but the Phoenix is not and will only be hooked to the common batt bank and it’s frame bonded to the common chassis ground with every other thing that’s bonded.I manually set the Phoenix to bonded postion , not floating.

my concern is if I plug the multi+ to shore power to charge the battery’s . now there is one inverter riding on the grids N/G connection , and the Phoenix still has the n/g bond connected to the chassis ground…

in my mind that seems to create 2 neutral grounds point….but they arnt really connected except at the battery’s and the N/g point on the chassis ,…
the multi+ isn’t bonding anything when it’s getting power into the ac input and has switched to floating…I think…!

That part has me puzzled.
be careful… Haa.

.if you hear of a good answer to the n/g ,let me know..
good luck in your endeavor.