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Choosing glass for solar water heater


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Jan 16, 2023
Baza, Spain
The original glass panel broke, so I removed the remains. I have been unable to source a replacement with the original specs, which are:

Textured glass, 3.2mm, tempered, low iron content, 1.742m x 1.135m

The nearest I came was a supplier in China, but minimum order is 25 pieces. The manufacturer, Baxi, tells me I'd have to replace the whole panel assembly, at great expense.

I tried using transparent twin wall polycarbonate sheeting, but it was worse than nothing. Now I'm wondering if Plexiglass (plastic glass) or just just plain glass would trap the heat.

Any thoughts? As it is the water is just bearable, around 20-24 degrees C, for a shower during these cold winter months with little sun. I have the option to run this water through a tank with an electric element in it, but it takes about 2-3 hours at 1kW to make this water warm. Before the glass broke, the water was usually fine for a shower (so about 34 deg +) except during the darkest, coldest winter spells.
Plain glass should work tempered glass is a safer alternative and most likely more durable
In the 80's my dad built Solar heater panels from the glass from 2 old sliding glass doors.
maybe look at a salvage shop for these galss doors.
any tempered glass will work-no need to be the textured you had.Clear is best anyway

diy solar

diy solar