December PV starting off crappy again.

Well, with a 30kw array received 10kw yesterday and about same today.

Not quite enough.

Sincerely hope this December is not like last year.
My 13.6 kWp array saw 4.4 yesterday and 3.9 so far today. Not good indeed, but better than nothing, some “free” power is better than none.
It's not about the kW's you receive it's for how many hours you received them ;)
Panel voltage is almost max as soon as the sun comes up at 7 ish.

On clear sunny day I get power from 9-3.
Before and after almost nothing.

The amps really start peaking between 10-2.
I was just joking about how many hours you got 10kW for :)
Rain and/or clouds the past 3 days here. Good thing we aren't off grid.

I was hoping to get the posts for our pergola/solar panel mount put up this past week. I picked up the lumber last week, and it is now sitting under a tarp in the rain. I won't be able to get back to it for at least 6 - 8 weeks.
December sucks. Not looking forward to January, either.
I'm going to throw a bunch of panels on the ground, in the back yard.
What the hell, it can't get worse.
I’ve got 1 more MPPT Channel I can put 12 more panels on but I would have to do what you said.
Just lay them on the ground.

I doubled the amount of panels I had and still sucks!!
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I'm just going to parallel more strings onto the existing MPPT's.
Overpaneling, to infinity and beyond. :cool:
That’s a good point.

I have 10 455w Solarever panels sitting in my shop.
Need 14 to max out the channel.

Doubt they would let me order 5 not to mention might get damaged with that few.