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DIY Solar panel mounting brackets for pitched tile roof


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Dec 12, 2019
I was going to order a lot of solar panel mounting brackets for pitched tile roof and when I discovered the price I was thinking maybe it's cheaper to build the brackets from angle brackets in the hardware store?

Has anyone done this before?
last ned.jpeg-1.jpg
I would buy aluminum angle stock. And fabric everything from scratch. Might as well save as much money as possible. Plus you will have stronger brackets, because the angle stock is thicker.
We went with steel, but the pukka stuff is now much more reasonably priced.


Cut it into pieces and drill your own holes.
Two pieces bolted together will pivot at the bolt.
I don't understand how it will be bracket for pitched tile roof?
Do you mean it will result in this bracket:
You can make anything you want.
If you wanted that exact bracket. I would probably get some flat bar also.
I tested it on the roof. But it's a gap between the tiles:
Maybe I have to trim off some of the tiles backside?
how are you guys able to "remove" tiles in the "middle" of the roof? Isn't each tile fixated?
I would think you have to remove all tiles from the top until you get to the tiles that are far enough down...
Am I missing something?