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EASun iGrid SV IV 5.6kW - earth leakage


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Aug 13, 2023
Good day!

I bought titled inverter from china supplier in my region. I'm having some trouble with connecting it to AC and not sure if it isn't faulty. Measured voltage between case and earth is around 120V AC when powered from grid. When powered from battery its around 6V AC. When its powered from grid the moment I connect any load (5W light bulb) to inverter AC output the residual current circuit breaker goes off. My connection is pretty strait forward:
  • GRID N + L comes strait into 30mA RCCB and then strait into inverter AC input.
  • Inverter PE In/Out (shorted internally) strait into GRID N
  • Inverter Out strait into couple of watts light bulb.

I've already tried couple of different N / PE combinations but nothing seem to work. Is it common for those inverters to have 120V between case and earth ? Manual instructs to connect it via simple braker not RCCB, but you know ... safety first.

Thank you.
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diy solar

diy solar