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Ecoflow Delta Pro with permeant solar panels, should I use it all the time or just during power outages


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Jan 28, 2024
Hi all, new to Forum my name is Bruce. I just got an Ecoflow Delta Pro, and I am going to purchase some a small solar array for it ( maybe 600 watts) and permanently install them. I primarily got this for power outages ones that may last a few days or weeks, so that I would still have a small amount of electricity in those situations.

What I would like to get opinions on and perhaps and answer to is: In just considering perhaps what is best for the Delta Pro and the solar panels as far as optimizing their performance and life span, what it the best practice as far as either keeping the system generally off and only using it in power outages. Or keeping it on all the time as a mini solar system and generating and use a small amount of electricity from it since I will have this mini solar system in place. Should I keep it "running" all the time or not?

I plan to wire it into my main circuit panel with a transfer switch box so that a small amount of essential circuits can be isolated to the solar system or not so that i would be able to control the demand on the system if I decide to use it every day and there by perhaps use the system to harvest some electricity and use the system at some optimal rate?

I am also wondering about this same question as to regard with the panels would you keep a tarp over them and just use them in power outages for example?

So basically whats better keep the whole thing "off" and only use it when need it, or run it all the time and then how much usage would you shoot for?

In general whats the best way to use this equipment once installed?

Thanks, Bruce
Took a while to figure this out, but the Ecoflow Pro, Is kinda as dumb as the manual that is written for it, don't get me wrong seems like a nice product. But if you want to use it as a full time solar system maybe in addition to other things, it is not smart enough to take advantage of the fact that it is has grid charging capabilities. It is not able to fully optimize solar and battery usage on its own. With this you have to set up the system parameters as best to work with these short comings, or baby sit and be the microcontroller your self and add a smart plug to the unit yo help you with this chore,

Cheers, Bruce