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EcoFlow Error: "Replace the Relay of the battery"


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May 21, 2023
Murdock, Kansas
I have two EcoFlow Delta Pros attached to the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel. Powered by two sets of six 250watt solar panels in the 3P2S configuration.
The Input for each is approx. 1500 watts at 97 volts. This system has been working wonderful.
On 08/10/23 My wife and I came home to see a dreaded ERROR message in the EcoFlow app.
I checked all wiring, rebooted and still had the errors. Both Deltas work but not through the SHP.
I contacted EcoFlow via the App and within 24 Hours received a reply. Stating that he has applied for a replacement of two 30A relays
for replacement of AC1 and AC2. I will post as things get updated!
Question I have is: The normal circuit relays in the SHP run vertical for the circuits and are marked with 15A, 20A, or 30A.
The two toward the bottom running horizonal are marked "Delta Pro",
I have Not been able to find these relays anywhere online, and I have searched for five days now.
Does anyone know what these relays are called? are the the same as the 30A relays? Or are they called something else?
I use my Delta Pros daily and miss them, (I still attach an extension cord to one to run some things)
Anyway, Has anyone else had this problem and repaired with what solution?


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I contacted EcoFlow via the App and within 24 Hours received a reply.
I am glad to hear you received a quick response from Ecoflow support. I see some postings on this website where people claim not to receive help from Ecoflow and/or never receive a response. But my experience has been very good in the few times I have contacted Ecoflow support about my Delta Pro. It made me wonder if they were "Bluetti employees" trolling the forums. ;)
I personally do not have a Smart Home Panel though.
Update: 08/24/2023... I still haven't received my relays yet. I have contacted Ecoflow support and
"Sorry to keep you waiting for a few days.
Due to inventory reasons, the relay was not shipped.
I will notify you as soon as the tracking id is updated."
Update: 08/25/2023... Received relays today, But they sent the 30 amp relays that did not solve my problem.
I contacted support again and requested the relays marked "Delta Pro" That are located at the bottom of the SHP.
Hopefully I will hear back and receive a fix soon.
Update: 08/30/2023... Received message from support: So I am waiting for new SHP.
Dear friends,
thank you for your reply.
I have applied for a new Smart Home Panel for you.
I will notify you as soon as the tracking ID is updated.
Please use the attached Return Label to send your SHP back to us after installation.
Please let me know when it's shipped and I'll keep an eye out.
EcoFlow Customer Service Team
Did I get it right: instead of sending you relays marked as "Delta Pro" they sent you the whole SHP?
And how is it, has error gone away?
Update: Finally received my Rebuilt SHP on 09-20-23.
Yes this solved my problem, I will never know if just changing the Relays marked "Delta Pro" would have worked or not.